28 January 2009


The Ronsons. They are everywhere. I don't care, you can call them Fashion Kennedys or blonde Adams family, whatSOever. They are chic. So we will gossip bit about extended family.
Awfully cute Mark, twins Samantha and Charlotte, for Harper's Baazar photo shoot

Do you know why Lilo is dating Samantha Ronson? To get close to Ronsons. Okay, now misslikey is nasty gossip girl. Don't get mad at me Lilo. I love chic people same as you do.

Ronsons sorority
Olsens, you are just two. Don't be jelaous girls; Numbers are not on your side. Samantha, Charlotte and Annabelle Dexter-Jones are kind of rock-chic-indie sorority. And they are all Ann Dexter-Jones daughters. Now, Say hello to awfully cool mum. Ann Dexter-Jones is absolute NY socialite and rock wife. She kinda has little of curly Carrie but with five kids. Annabelle's last name is not Ronson but that isn't reason to be less chic. For God's sake her dad is Rockstar.

Since we can see samantha-lilo photos daily lets have sneak peak what the rest of sorority is wearing
Charlotte Ronsonon, designer. Don't you adore her style same as I do?

Youngest Annabelle is Charlotte's muse. Misslikey thinks Annabelle rocks. On first photo she is with super cool mummy Ann.

photos are parkavpeerage and nymag property

p.s. At first, this post was meant to be only about Charlotte and her new spring summer collection. Everyone adores Charls rock influenced collection. Since misslikey doesn't have enough space for photos you can see collection at fashionweekdaily . What can I say, I just couldn't resist to Ronsons. They kinda remind me of my family. With one of them comes all family in package. I remind my mum all the time; Mum it is not you that's going to prom(when i was 18), mum is not you that is getting married(on my brother's wedding) etc
beyond p.i.s.s. Now misslikey is analysing family trees. What's the next? She is gonna hire private investigator to stalk chic people? Or she should start her own agency.hmmm Misslikey comes out of shadow. Don't you agree it is adorably cute name for detective?!

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