01 February 2009

ready for spring statement shoes??

Do you know how to lace-up your shoes? If not, too bad for you cause this season we adore everything that we need to lace up; boots, shoes and low cut ankle boots.
The whole fashion world had gone crazy about Ann Demeulemeester lace-up boots from fall collection. For the summer she made very very smart and very open version of lace up shoes/boots in black beige and white version. I am still not sure in what color but I am very in love.

p.s and p.i.s.s at the same time. Very often asked question to misslikey: Can I wear boots in summer?
So let’s clear up that. No, you can’t wear boots at summer. You have to wear boots in summer. Silly girl misslikey doesn't wear boots in winter, only in spring. Really. There is no such thing as boots on nude legs. Tough and feminine, in the same time.
My favorites boots for this spring are: still fringe boots, lace-up low cut ankle boots (can’t wait for my grey beauties to see the ray of sun),
I know that at the end I’ll completely fall in love with peep toe boots. My favorites are Alexander Wang (how strange;)) and Givenchy beige and black(on the photo)

Soft beige boots are classics especially if they are coming from Hermès. And in this soft suede riding boots from Jean Paul Gaultier for Hermès SS 09 you can definetelly travel around the world in 80 days.

Piss again: if you will wear only boots this summer you still need to have most gorgeous toe nails!!! And do not use shoe laces to tied up boys. Though seems that boys are one who are doing this. This is a true story, I don't have that rich imagination; I have very funny friend who once yelled on his girlfriend in front of ten other people; "Pleeeeease, don't be annoying, you didn't mind yesterday night when I tied you up!". OMG. Or ups?

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