10 February 2009


Okay, misslikey is officially very very mad(upset) cause she haven't seen notorious the movie. Yet. I mean most of the time I likey God but I do think this is one of his mistakes. And I no likey. So this sadness inspired me for my new image.
As you can see on the photo if your computer is not too slow for photo opening that misslikey has a new topshop denim washed jacket. It only costs 20 pounds now so if you haven't bought it yet, I have news for you. It's out of stock online. But if you are too patient and have goooood sneakers to visit all topshop stores in your area I envy you. Cause you'll be in shape. OMG I'm so mean.
notorious - by misslikey on Polyvore.com
Lace-Up Boots are Marc Jacobs and Tod's
Next best thing is I really really want this notorious tee. From crooks & castles online. So conclusion is I am gonna wear XL tee + my awfully isn't life great washed denim jacket + lace-up boots. Aha, all that on nude legs. Don't be jealous.

p.s. I need u to grind like Ur working for tips and give me what I need while we listen to prince... Oh nouu, is misslikey blessing world with starting her rap career? No, silly you, misslikey is just sharing with you her theme song; Nasty girl
p.i.s.s.And do not laugh cause I have theme song. You are probably same nerdy as I am and have a theme song but not beyond as mine. Beside it’s great for alarm with that Jazze Phizzle (phizzle phizzle) begining that I really feel even before my alarm goes on, it's greater when somebody really pisses me off and I start in my mind with umm Easy, call em on the phone and platinum Chanel cologne ummmmm ummm don't test my nerves umm and I stay, dressed, to impress spark these bitches interest. Sometimes I get so carried away that I almost sing it out loud. And I probably should do that. Sometimes. Oh , and this was about to be a Valentine’s Day post. But what the hell fashionistas are gangstas. Bad girls for life. Love Biggie.

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