23 February 2009

My boyfriend has a girlfriend

Chloë Sevigny does it again.
RTW Fall 09 is her second collabo with Opening Ceremony. Collection is based on unisex items. Very proof that idea "boy steals shirt from girl or girl from boy" is not so utopia. What is hotter than stealing clothes from your boyfriend or from one that is about to become your boyfriend.
What do you think?

Lissy Trullie again as model. I heart Lissy's music. Moi's favorite is self-taught learner. Listen on youtube. You'll also fall in love.

p.s. I had to put that heading on this post. My friend T. was inspiration. Well, she and our mutual boyfriend Mr. handsome I am cuter than boys from the City fashionista . Pssst he doesn't know yet he is our boyfriend.
p.i.s.s. Have to go. Watching Mariah Carey's videos as inspiration for "my(our)boyfriend". No better instructor than MC.

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