15 February 2009

On the edge of the runaway

The New York fashion week started and about every second tweet of my twitter friends is about fashion week. So I am pretty informed.
Since now is the time to spot best fashionistas, photos I am checking daily made me do this post. Though I’m so busy with studying that I shouldn’t be even allowed to have computer approach but still misslikey is gonna pick some inspirations for her readers.
Who wear what
Mary- Kate Olsen is always giving me headaches. Since she wears every trend I really cannot put here into any category. Still Mko is always stunning. Bag she is wearing is about to become IT bag this year. Of course it is Alexander Wang.

Leather pants
Look at the pictures of The Call, Byrdie Bell, Nadejda Savcova. You see same as me? That rock look is always about simplicity.

Bodycon dress
Arlenis Sosa looking stunning beyond in dress from Alexander Wang summer 2009 collection.

And Alys Hale prefers zipped bodycon dress

Harem Stuff works for Hanne Gaby Odiele and Megan Kuitems
If you don't have harem pants you should get them, still they don't have to be too harem. YSL cut will do the same effect. I heart this scarf. I often forget about my scarves box. I should wear them more often probably

Trench coat
Always simple but classy Zoe Saldana. Trench this year isn’t only about beige Burberry. Forget about that. Next week I am doing trenchie post so don’t forget to check on misslikey.

Leopard detail is always great to lift you up
Dari Maximova, Poppy Delevigne and Rebecca Taylor. Are heels on Poppy Lanvin or I am tripping?

Puffy coats..Check Out coats on Stephanie Carta and Daul Kim

I love Cory Kennedy little jacket

Do you love Gwyneth Paltrow shoe obsession?

p.s. Photos are style.com and fashionweekdaily property.
Promise to you next season I'll have my own kodak moment and stalk all the chic people for you. And please if you are in NY area check on Valentina Exhibition at the Museum of the City of New York . It started yesterday and ends on may 17.
p.i.s.s. Except I love you all (and all my twitter and facebook :) friends) if you love me follow me on bloglovin'. Misslikey is really becoming internet hustler or she is just smart as Nikola Tesla? Why, yes, Margot, I do!(legally blonde quote :))


Unknown said...

ooo, look at zoe! :)

Anonymous said...

hello my dear...as i can see you're doing really well with this blog!...me loves it!!!...did you hear that anne wintour is looking for two new assistants???...i think you would be perfect!!!...hehe...and yes, i have noticed paltrow's shoe obsession...i'm obsessed too!!!...you need to do a shoe entry for me asap!!!...Love you biatch...Ana

Denisa L said...

ohh love Cory Kennedy's look!