07 March 2009

Lingerie out of your bedroom

Every day we consciously or unconsciously are sharing our intimacy with thousands of people via networks. Is it strange then that as well our lingerie items come out of our bedrooms?! Silky shorts, silky skirts, very fragile look through items; but not made for bed. This year on runaway PiJi (pajama) items are very silky and soft and commonly in harmony with nude blazers. Are you likey or no likey with this? I am. For last few years I’ve been very fan of wearing PiJi stuff in summer. It is not that I will go out in night gown with teddy bear pattern but if it is white or nude why not? One more thing on list that my mum can’t and will not ever understand.
Lingerie looks from runaway that I like
ChloƩ, Erin Fetherston

Aquascutum, Stella McCartney, Brian Reyes

Do you heart Kate Bosworth's lingerie look?

P.S. Keep the rest of your outfit and make up very clean
p.i.s.s.I realized that I mention ChloƩ almost in my every post. I just cannot help myself. Miss Hannah MacGibbon really did excellent job with spring collection.
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Anonymous said...

it's crazy to read on women's fashion trends when all i know is men's. It's a whole different world filled with silk and ultra sheer fabrics.

misslikey said...

hahaha edie..but now you'll get to know so many more things cause you are reading misslikey ;););)

Anonymous said...

Yeah! I can finally step up my womens fashion game by reading your blog : ]

Ps: that picture where your wearing the little skirt and black stockings, uuuu lala!!!

Anonymous said...

I love the Brian Reyes look. I cannot wait to wear that!

Unknown said...