17 March 2009

misslikey is still zipping

We wrote about zipper skirts in November so let this be just a little reminder for my fashionistas before summer.
I find very interesting this double zipper high-waisted miniskirt from Sophomore spring collection.

I feel the same about the rest of collection; light summer dresses easy to wear for hot summer days, tank tops, soft buttoned cotton tees and those beyond lovely casual printed t-shirts for which Chrissie Miller & Sophomore become known for. Every day I am more in love with fine sportswear lines. I like to believe that basic items should take special place in every girl's closet. Never enough.

p.s who is big fan of sophomore t-shirts; Jessica Stam; don’t you sometimes just want to take off tee from that girl?!
p.i.s.s. For very happy nonchalant look use soft light washed fabrics and pastel colors. Still no matter how happy clothes can make you look like you’ll never look beyond if you aren't happy and satisfied deep inside. In your heart. Lol what is happening with misslikey?! Is she becoming fashion Aristotle?
I hope I made you all think!
Love you all


Marian said...

Glad you are still into zips as so am I :o)
like that double zippered sophomore skirt. its so cute!
The line has some great easy wear pieces.
muah x

WendyB said...

Very cute skirt.

Ceri said...

I love that skirt.