20 March 2009

Misslikey’s visionaire of the month

Nice piece of jewelry is every woman’s essential. When I first saw solid skin line I was charmed beyond with its sophistication and pureness.
I love to believe that behind every goodness is completeness and complexion. I‘ve found that legitimate when I heard the story behind solid skin and their two designers. Their opposites; a decadent woman in Fay and nature touch in Chaiwat make what solid skin is; perfect unity, harmony.

Fay is my facebook friend and I must say very interesting young lady. She is Parson’s child and she told me she chose Fashion design on Parsons for atmosphere and ability to give her creativity basis which is very universal.
But necessity for creation was happening in her head much more before that and for everything…even napkins in her house were amusing. Vision came into authenticity when she was doing internship as stylist and frustration- not to be able- to find pieces around the town for set. Isn’t lovely how things le grande in fashion or in arte always begin?! Isn't that the feeling world is missing something and than you start to create? That is fundamentality and uniqueness of every human being. Our mission. That is how Fay began to have aesthetic fetish for the solid pieces on human body.
It’s not strange duo work mostly in gold and silver. Though they are based in Thailand now, Fay says she still is missing Nyc; cause when she came there she thought; Yes, this is a place I belong.

for more solid skin jewelry see gallery on solidskin
p.s. advice is this time from Fay not from misslikey; never leave house without stunning piece of jewelry!!
p.i.s.s. misslikey is head over heels for solid skin jewelry and she completely agrees with Fay.

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Marian said...

the pieces are beautiful! what gorgeous collection dear!
hope your well, have a yummy weekend.