24 March 2009

Misslikey heart stripes

Stripes are eternal. Stop.
Once you buy striped dress or sweater (top,whatever) you gonna wear it for ages. I must admit lately I've been obsessed beyond with stripes.
Summer loves stripes. Stop.
I've always had that beyond lovely dream, misslikey on vintage sailboat with awfully cute boy. Moi is wearing striped sweater on bikini and Ray bans. Ah misslikey and her dreams. Hm mm don't do that face ...we all know that dreams totally come true.
Navy stripes or pastel stripes? Doesn't matter. As long as you wear stripes. Stop.
I am fan of navy stripes but lately I am seeing beyond cute pastel striped dresses in colors,
Last year I was in love with Chanel striped dress and when I saw it on Katie Holmes I was just jealous. Is Katie stealing my cruise dream?! It is strange how come Karl didn’t make one for Suri.
Girls that are wearing stripes beyond!
One of my favorite IT girls Genevieve Jones just knows how to wear everything. She has so developed fashion sense so she has no problem with matching colors.

Next is Alexa Chung; Oh Alexa's second name is totally stripe. I wonder would she this year choose stripes for Glastonbury.

Rachel Bilson is totally familiar with every trend and wears it with her own touch like always.

Who knows better than model?Julia Stegner

From the runaway; Striped dress I like; Behnaz Sarafpour SS09

What to buy; Where?
I tried to be a stripe finder. I am sure you will find them anywhere..still check out this. Cute solutions available in topshop..even online..seems to me that this year topshop is all about stripes

And from stylefinder I dig in APC Madras, DayBirgeretMikelsen, River Island, DKNY
p.s. stripes are very unisex. This totally means that you can steal items from your boyfriend
p.i.s.s. but if your boyfriend steals stripes from you seems we have a problem. Wrong answer. lol
Kissiciouso..Lovey u all

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Barcelonette (c) said...

Stripes are perfect for summer time! love your post.

Haute World said...

I'm a huge fan of stripes as well. My favorite is still the classical navy, especially for spring/summer. Thanks for posting!

Anonymous said...

Hey girl...I think you were explaining my fantasy pefectly...yacht or sailboat...hot guy...and of course the striped (mornarski) coverup over bathingsuit!...aaaaaaaaa....in my dreams!...I love your blog...can't wait for you to be a world famous designer...your assistant awaits my dear!...love you...Ana

Anonymous said...

I love stripes - But I am always a little nervous about wearing them myself :)

Anonymous said...

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