27 March 2009

Accessorize your head

Misslikey is spotting those awfully cute girls worldwide with cute hair styles spiced up with accessories. Even miss Whitney Port was wearing headband on the front in the cold days of the City. Well, is not that we want her headband so bad; we are more mad about her job.
Spring is right time for you to accessorize your hair. Headbands on the front, cute bows, hippy bows, flowers. Awesome for parties, for your ladies nights, for dates.
If you are scared this won’t match your outfit; don’t be. If you think you’ll overdue or do faux pas simple cotton dress we’ll be just fine. Or something romantic and pastel. And when you are surrounded by your friends on your house parties allow yourself to add to your outfit a little craziness and personality.
How to be more chic than Whitney?! Well now headdresses can be bought anywhere. But since misslikey wants to have readers that are unique she’ll show you a line that she likes: The flowers of evil from designer Lara Vincent.
The flowers of evil is collection of unique headdresses..Oh moi loves..Loves beyond!! Since it was hard for moi to make favorites you will need to check on Lara blog for more flowers of evil.

Prices are from 75-300 $ and you can order them on laravinny@gmail.com

p.s. I thought flowers on the head are just for heaven. Until I saw Lara’s designs.
p.i.s.s. From then I would be lovely with flowers on my head on MY house party even If I am the only one that will RSVP.


Couture Carrie said...

Love all of these! Your blog is fab too!!


Anonymous said...

ooo i love these

Marian said...

LOve these images honey. love all those head pueces sweetie!
muah x