07 September 2009

Fall pants

It is time to re-vivre le pants! We usually forget about them, but with jeans they make essentials for our daily wardrobe. Though today we had little moved away from classic tailored suits, still we need to stay dressed up despite how nonchalant we are. Don’t know how you feel, but loungewear lately makes my heart beat; that’s probably consequence of feshly ended summer and cruel dismissing of restless clothing. Since Girl's gotta have one decent pair of fall pants that are tailored but still casual, yet it’s not time for full combination of wool and tweed, I did little sneak and peek into windows of our favorite shops to find our uniform pants. I’ve chosen grey for the essential pants, since that’s our existent fall basic color that with white and black creates in-a-minute-chic. Grey pants with right cut can make a girl nonchalantly polished up even when she is feeling for the day on the low – with sneakers or ballerina flops. Add tiny leather jacket you’ll be adjusting to throng in manner of city chic.

Acne pants I found on net-a-porter with slightly cigarette cut and high waist are still enough boyish. Very French and very wearable in improved Annie Hall manner.
Someone finally made an idea about connecting the trousers with sweatpants. When I saw cashmere pants from Lucien Pellat-Finet in Elle US July issue my heart said; Ahh these were the pants from your dream last week when you were wearing basic white tee. Amazing pair from oaknyc are casual but with little glance of 70s lady clothes.
For the traditionalist’s visions or for the ones that are working girls with too many meetings to attend perfect are this Chloe ankle length pants from otteny Skinny, grey and looking light, able to pair in a minute for informal tuxedo look.


Velo said...

i love ur new header! cool!

Etrapar said...

oh grey it's my fav color ^.^

Couture Carrie said...

Love all of these, especially the ACNE jeans!


Grace said...

The Acne pants are brilliant.

Love Grace.

loft in SoHo said...

I loooooooooooooooove ACNE!!!!

great post <3<3<3