19 September 2009

coup de foudre in fashion world; Clemence Poesy

When it comes to front rows and the mingling around fashion outs and abouts, there is always some girl that outshines with her IN-Style. And all the cool papers instantaneously follow ˝What She Wears˝ like her private parade. With so many IT-girls you cannot blame fashion journalist and photographers of the social events if sometimes they forgot some name or distinguish them at all. Designers, muses to the same, photographers, models, musicians and various artists; many of them have great personal-with signature-In -style
Britain with real promenade of ˝bad˝, rebellious it girls with vivid lifestyle has always present duo Miller-Moss. In France, where competition may be even tougher (Traina, Gainsbourg,Fillol-Cordier, Dillon, De la Baume) Clémence Poésy with exceptional and sophisticated style rapidly have become darling of fashion press. Besides that every fashionista in industry knows her name, even many of the ones-not-in knowledge can remember charming Fleur with more charming French accent from Harry Potter. Accent was for the purposes of the movie, she states.
The style that is not connected with edginess, today, hardly can be IN-style or can make IT girl out of girl. Still, Clémence Poésy is Fashion Lovely even if only thing edgy is cigarette in her hand when posing at fashion objectives.

You can notice immediately French heritage when she wears delicate blouse or very feminine little jacket on very masculine men’s shoes. Or from the fact she didn’t deserve status of fashion icon by wearing designer bags and dresses, but having the knowledge of being chic in just pair of jeans.
This serious actress, that had many roles in British and French movies and TV shows, somehow can fit in stereotype of chic Parisian actress that lives in apartment with polaroids on the wall and books on the coffee table while enjoying in the glass of wine and slice of dark chocolate before sleep.
Clémence, that kissed Colin Farell as Chloë in In Bruges and was the face of Chloé fragrance with Anja Rubik and our another fashion boo-boo Chloë Sevigny, started acting when she was 14. She told Olivier Zahm for Interview Magazine that the fact she wasn’t popular in school was good for her because ˝You have to encourage people not to give in to the temptation to be normal, even if it isn't easy--because when you're young, you really want to belong.˝ The girl that wasn’t in front row in clique of popular girls in the school, today is regular guest in front rows at Chanel, Chloé and Balenciaga.
And it is not just the matter of many Chanel quilts that are slipping off her shoulders or fact she poses Chloé Sally tote, what we likey about Clémence Poésy is her settled style and at the end romance in her outfits even when she flirts with classic masculine pieces.

PHOTO CREDITS www.clemencepoesy.org
first; Photo shoot from Citizen K International


Velo said...

i love the playful jacket =)

Grace said...

She is such a gem!

Love Grace.

Samantha Smikle said...

you summed up why her style is so amazing, perfectly!

Really like your blog. Thanks so much for checking mine!

Miss Neira said...

really love the black and red shes wearing!

Miss Neira

anna bo said...

She's simply lovely, oh yeah.