27 September 2009

Dear misslikey, its your 1st Bday

Dear Misslikey,
Despite of the fact that I am good with dates same as with cooking, when I woke up this morning I remembered today is your first birthday.
We started in September last year with first post of Miss Golightly. Back in the days nobody was actually reading except of my supporting chicks, and cute boy M I used to be in love with. Ohhhh, pooor little US in those days of non reading, we would spend the whole night with double coffee latte and pack of cigarettes. But we continued.
Your birth was pure love and topics to write were instinct. Those like real mothers have. And I really sometimes felt like a mummy. Did entire day pass that I haven’t check on you?! Well, maybe few times, but Dear misslikey you happened completely genuinely, as my fashion diary and personal inspiration, the way I saw things that I wanted share through you with fashion lovers. Normally that my taste and my likes are sometimes varying. That's why misslikey you are changing with moi. And if I sometimes act classically like egotistic parent does, I would like that readers admonish when they feel that. Because we don't have same taste and we like to live in the world of diversity. Who can really portray beauty? And who is enough in-the-know to judge about what is beautiful in the fashion?
There were moments when I just wanted to stop, to not believe in fashion any longer, to erase all those days of studying runaway shows as kid and tearing sheet into tank tops with Like a Virgin slogan. Why? From the time when was just one unique idea and heavy sewing machine, things had pretty changed in the world of fashion, like in every other industry that is led by the cash. It’s not strange that people have divided outlooks, objects, issues and many times disapprovals about fashion industry. I do feel now and then like I have double standards.For instance when model is too bony I go back in the time and I clearly can see a 5-year girl with messy-blonde hair and crying eyes. How would she feel about that and what affect would that make in her teenager years? Would she be miserable because of her chubby cheeks? Sometimes I can feel the pain on the fingers of those third world children working in the fabrics, and my body trembles just with the thought of that.

Dear misslikey, you know I am some sort of humanist and I have a certain problem about dealing with negativities, not only in fashion world but in normal world so I've realized that I cannot change the world. Myself is only world that I am able to change. And in crisis of those moments when I no longer wanted to be part of the fashion, I’ve ran into some individuals that not just breathe fashion, but their love is creation turned into a piece of fabric, rock or photo. In those turnovers my love for fashion grows and I wouldn’t stop for nothing in this world. Our constant readers remember over the year stories about Fay, Liv, Lara, Elisenda.I hope for more upcoming posts like those.
Fashion needs bloggers, our thoughts, opinions, and conscience. That can improve some things. That is why I am thankful to you, misslikey and readers because you are enhancing in me further interest for eco-clothing, vintage and recycled. One more thing that misslikey learn me is that there are many lovely people worldwide, either those that are sending me pleasant emails or supporting what I do. And I want to thank for that.
Some think that issues of clothing on daily basis and issues What Would I Wear are shallow. Yes, for sure we would be happy if there are extra days in the week when we just do some overlay in the morning and we look incredible. But there are those moments in which I used to yell at myself before; Why you don’t have normal pants and normal shirt in your closet, and why you cannot dress in 5 minutes? But why would be the ritual of dressing petite and simple if our lives are everything but petite and simple, we are existing dressed up; we work, love, create and make memories; all in our outfits. Blogs are amazing for the presence of those moment when we are not in alluring inspiration and with question how to wear x you would google something that will rouse your creative ideas. Similar to that when few pieces of your clothes end by coincidence or laziness one over the other and you say; oh this looks beyond together, how didn’t I notice that before?! With thinking of wearing we value more our clothes; we create our personal style which is very not connected neither with riches nor designer clothes. What is more gorgeous when delaying delight by buying something and saving it for certain occasion or just for the days of your work week when you are doing something special? Cause beyond how industry that is led by money often presumes woman as low self-confidence consumers, we certainly do know how to enjoy in that process.
And misslikey, I am very aware I am sometimes writing about clothes that average folks cannot afford, but that’s no reason to feel sad or desperate. Even if we could find the money for anything we want, there is always craving for more. That is just part of our human nature.
At the end misslikey you are for me dream world, and I hope I’ve managed to transfer part of those dreams to You, my reader.
Yours truly,

Photos; Eniko Mihalik in Forever Young by Sebastian Faena, Wildfox couture collection, Anna Jagodzinska as Diane Keaton for the September issue of Vogue Paris


Dream Sequins said...

Fashion DOES need bloggers, and I am happy to have discovered yours. Happy anniversary, misslikey :) Keep writing, keep blogging.

Grace said...

Happy birthday blog!

Love Grace.


Happy anniversary!

bisous, xx

Couture Carrie said...

Gorgeous post, darling! Happy blogiversary!


Natalie Suarez said...

gorgeous pictures, i love the first one so much! :)

u have a great blog



Dorje said...

I feel like our blogs kind of get at the same sociological angle of fashion. Sure its about the clothes... but it's also about the reason, personal expression and culture behind it. Go high fashion at low prices!

Gomitolo said...

Happy Birthday, great blog.

Timeless Fashion... said...

Many congrats on your 1st birthday!