04 October 2009

collarless, cozy and chic; little fall jacket

Did you pick up already jacket for the beginning of fall? You were thinking of super popular trophy jacket or long boyfriend blazer, shoulder pads frock or some other ultra super popular solution?! I’ve been extra fan of shoulder pads since Marc Jacobs’s rosy dressing vision of New York in 80s or Decarnin’s eternal flirting with masculine details in manner of French chic. And when it is about outwear it is for sure that girl can’t get enough of them, whether blazers, jackets or coats. Last season we slightly slip into fashion of 50s to see how it fells when you move collar from a coat or jacket. This year we were talking fairly enough about Mademoiselle chanel and we reminded of simplicity and liberation she brought for a woman of 30s. And yes, she and Karl took of our attention from a sparkle and glamour of 09’s ˝New Look˝ and reminded us on beautiful simplicity of boxy collarless cardigan jackets. Us and those clothes chains.
Collar in a menswear, as you remember from literature and movies is a symbol of dignity. But same as adjusting the collar can symbolize dignity, collarless jacket can symbolize in-a-minute minimalistic chic. And when the one is cutting your jacket, before it gets out from a fabric, ads a non-sparkly detail on it, like leather or plays with the pattern, makes sure you are cared for all day chic.
Sophomore collarless jacket (on the photo above) has a leather detail as a fake collar and as patch on the elbow. Established in casual rock-ness, Sophomore brought us a perfect little fall jacket for mini black dress and ballet flops. Round neck very kisses nonchalant hair in chignon.
There is something about this round neck that makes jacket very suitable for scarves, layered clothing for didn’t think about it looks we adore. Even makes the disco jacket more relaxed and casual, we saw that from Thakoon.
But certainly I suggest before getting the sparkly, disco or 80’s inspired jacket girl’s gotta take care of her day covering and work chic and get herself a simple jacket in neutral color. Stay tuned for next week and post about blazers where we gonna get a little vent for our eccentricity.

First set; 1. Tibi tweed jacket on mytheresa, 2. Marc Jacobs hand-painted tweed jacket on the Outnet,3. Chloe at outnet, 4. Marc Jacobs on netaporter
Second set; 1. Sally Scott beige jacket, 2.Cropped jacket at Spiegel, 3. Stella McCartney Cashmere jacket(black on farfetch) from netaporter , 4.Marc Jacobs jacket


Grace said...

So happy for coat time again!

Love Grace.

Noelle + Kendall said...

Those jackets are divine!

-N + K

Anonymous said...

very nice blog


Andy said...

cool coats :)
new post on my blog :)


Style Eyes said...

I love these ladylike jackets. I have just got one very similar to number 1.

Christiana said...

nice article ... have one from zara simular like your first one!