21 October 2009

True Friendship?

When she came to saint soil of supermodels in 90s as a hardly unknown model, Naomi took young Katherine (16), child of the same town, London, under her wing.
Katie was different and way shorter from the gazelles and started a new heroin chic back in the days, but together they were supermodels. More then 10 years later, Naomi held her back in Cocaine Kate's affair when no one actually stood by her; Kate Moss is my friend ... I think it's like everybody is being bad to her"
Seems that the over the years rumors haven’t destroyed the friendship. Once there was the lesbian affair. Next was YSL replacement of Kate as campaign face by her friend, which Kate handled very professional and aware. Same thing happened when Knight said he prefers to work with Naomi than Kate because she ˝sits less comfortably in society than Kate does˝.
Apparently that statement or fact that Kate Moss had many more covers of Vogue than Naomi couldn’t pull a fight between the girls. This year when Naomi didn’t arrive this at MET, some assumptions were that she didn’t show up because of Kate as co-hostess but Naomi boycott because designer Azzedine Alaia, another friend, wasn’t invited.
After years of common editorial work, or rocking together in Vivienne Westwood heels, girls still hang out and Naomi is always on Kate Topshop openings for support.
They in the way represent what is left from the model syndicalism of 90’s where models used to back up each other.

Naomi: Did you ever feel that I was over-protective? Did I ever nag you?
Kate: You took me under your wing, but occasionally, yes! You did!


HMcK said...

As much as Naomi is terrifying and Kate is a little frosty their friendship is oddly charming to watch. Nice to see the fashion world is always seen as backstabbing queens and catty women in stilettos!

Becky Tjandera said...

thanks for sharing this post ! we can talk about this all day . haha .

Denica + Kiki said...

great photos ... great post ... great blog

Gomitolo said...

You gotta love Kate’s authenticity. She brought a new kind of style of cocaine chic. And in some ways it was a refreshing alternative. And yes she may strut the glamorous runways, but she still ends up in a ghetto apartment in East London getting trashed and hooking up with some bad boy:)

Sofi said...

I love this post, and your blog, great stuff, thaks for sharing :)

Dorje said...

so interesting, i never knew about the dynamics of their friendship!

Trendy Gourmandise said...

why not ?