28 October 2009

Vest trends for fall and winter

For centuries waistcoat was a part of men's formal attire and usually double breasted to stretch the belly.
Waistcoat or popularly vest (fr gilet) is a part of wardrobe that doesn’t go out of style lately and whoever came up with this trend is fashion friend.
First we started wearing the simple vests and craving those cottoned or suit waistcoats, but soon moved forward to lot of details on our gilets( think of studs)
Vests usually can ˝pimp˝ the plainest outfits. What is more rock'n'royal than a basic black cotton dress with denim vest. And if it is done in DIY manner from a old Levi’s jacket and studs you did real fashion forward.
Runaway collections from those that wear screaming grunge to those ladylike, showed lot loving for the vests. Fur, leather, tuxedo long vests, embroidered, even those leopards were stars of the season. One can certainly add trendy vests to his wardrobe but still not to forget to wear the old ones because the vest is always vest and we really detest throwing away our clothes, especially when it comes to good key pieces. And vest proved for seasons it is.
What to choose, what to add, where to buy, who wears it...
1. Fur vest

If vest was star of the runaways, fur vest was lodestar; from Philip Lim, Vandervost, Lagerfeld, Kane, Mendel, Marni, Lang. Some even said that the fur coat died when fur vest was borne. We wouldn’t go that far because it certainly cannot warm you up like coat but is very trendy and very practical to pair. Very popular is still Mongolian black fur but not less desirable those made of faux fur or the different types of real fur

Erin Wasson and Mary- Kate Olsen wearing fur vests

Elizabeth and James fur vest from netaporter, faux fur from H&M
2. Leather vest
Biker style left impact and brought the certain splendor, which refers on all of the leather items or boots. The leather vest is this year little longer or cropped with layered collar or with the fur. Another superb from motorcycle style, even if you were never punker is kutte (studs, badges and band logos in DIY manner)

Kate Young and Byrdie Bell wearing leather vests

Erin Wasson X RVCA Hard Loser Waistcoat from La Garconne, Alexander Wang Leather motorcycle vest from netaporter
3. Knitted vest
Not that from the runaway, as is the contributor of warm fall and winter look especially for the fans of layered clothing. Lots of patterns, like isle or different knitted versions make knitted vest city to ski chic option. Go for it.

Charlotte Ronson wearing knitted vest, Shop items; Patterned Knit Vest from YESSTYLE,Twenty8Twelve isle pattern waistcoat at mywardrobe,Retro Waistcoat from Wendy Keith Designs
Photos via style.com, nymag.com, elle.com


Michael St. James said...

Love fur vests, especially the Elizabeth and James and H&M ones! Thanks for sharing. Awesome blog!


Anonymous said...

Nice post! I love the fur vests you chose!

bryna said...

love the fur and knit vests.

Miss Neira said...

I love little tuxedo vests, especially with a small amount of sequins on them!

cute post! great picks

Couture Carrie said...

Gorgeous post, darling!
Especially loving the black fur gilets!


Unknown said...

the twenty8twelve vest you picked out is AWESOME!

i used to love vests just for the look and then the first time i wore a fur one, i realize how comfy they are! kind of obsessed now...

Mai said...

love all fur vests!

JOWY said...


One Love,

Ingrid. said...

I don't like vests actually, but fur vests are actually kinda cool!

Dylana Suarez said...

All of these vests are beautiful! Love the way you write! Thanks for the sweet comment too!


Anonymous said...

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