30 April 2010

Made-at-home haute couture

It’s not easy to a one that has idols among couture princess like Daphne Guinness or Lady Amanda Harlech; Made-to- measure tailoring, except for design is responsible for extravagant price of couture pieces. Process from a sample toile to dreamy gown demands hours and hours of patience , pairs and pairs of natty hands, for every crystal, pearl, ruffle, cutwork or lace trim.
Once created unique garments, mostly impossible to be copied by mass retailers, are proofs of couturier’s workmanship and visions as his creative expression. Still is doubtful and paradox in a way to label couturier as artist if couture serves as part of fashion dream of maison, wrapped in bubble for publicity. Not that nothing is bad with the field of dreams, but is always more appealing in dreaming when in background is passion, not just pure profit wish. Is today’s market and loss in this field leaving enough space for couturiers to be artist? Let’s leave that to couturiers/ designers and their awareness, perception of itself when alone in couture salons. Not that this tailoring is only expensive and impossible for many fashion lovers, it’s also expensive for maisons. Take for example Anne Valerie Hash, an extraordinary French designer that admitted she cannot make couture in the way big couture houses are doing, so for the last collection she came on the idea; concept of vintage couture with famous personalities borrowing her some of the iconic garments which she will reproduce and insert in collection. So charming Hash daringly called designers- celebrities 911 and they actually supported the idea of second hand-couture. Followed by Anne Valerie Hash example, we will find some inspiration for made to-home couture. There’s no need to stalk Albert Elbaz to send his pajama pants or bore Diane Pernet to take off one of her veils; surely you have some devoted to-garments that can be worn in a different way and enhance your wardrobe with couture-esque charm . You can even call it a DIY if you want.

1. Shoulder straps from other fabric; Anne Valerie Hash jumpsuit
In your fashionista career you must had a period of collecting scarfs. Scarf, ribbon or everything satin and soft with knotting can always easily become your strap, neckline or bow on the back attached on shoulder straps.

2. Silhouette playing in a big style;
Christophe Josse white gown with sheer top made of point d’esprite tulle and as contrast rich bottom in A-line made of fringed chiffon.
If you have long skirts or tulle, tutu skirts that you don’t often wear, go play with the bottom/top; If bottom is pompous make top really simple (a tee, casual jersey tank top and vice-versa)

3. Ribbon tie at neck;
Christophe Josse tutu style dress
Usually high street simple dresses have two little strips inside for hanger; by reversing dress on the opposite side (back becomes front) on those little strips tie the silk ones and tie them again at the neck to make a little cut-out on the neckline. Pretty luxurious, don’t you think?!

4. Like a princess;
Alexis Mabille black dress with yellow bows stitched to the neckline.
Bateau neckline on the dress sometimes make the unthankful silhouette especially if it’s a mini dress. if you’re not on personal with bateau and in some period of your fashion life you bought dress with that cut get somewhere fabric bows, roses or some kind of other embellishment and stitch it on the neckline.

1. Shorts as couture; Givenchy Couture outfit; trouser shorts with fuzzy top
Shorts are usually channeling the rock or edgy style or 50s sweethearts with blouses and romantic tops. So it’s quite unusual to see them again in the new role of couture. Why Tisci inspirited us with this? No matter would fuzzy jumper be substituted with fur shawl nonchalantly thrown over white tee, or with some pretty extravagant top it would look absolutely sheen

2. Cardigan Jacket with 50’s chiffon scarf;
Chanel Couture
If you don’t have classic Chanel Jacket and have a cardigan in some pastel color you can make a little look-a-like chanel wearing it on some light, fragile dress you have. For couture-esque charm end tuck little chiffon (tulle) scarf into the cardigan and make a charming ruff.

3. Unique piece of headwear on everyday clothes; Chanel couture headwear
This year Chanel accessory pieces enchanted me both on runaway and on the models before fitting in the backstage, where they with everyday clothe were channeling 2010 version of Breakfast at Tiffany’s.
If you are not able to purchase Chanel couture headwear, Chanel accessories designer Laetitia Crahay, creates equally superb headwear as creative director in Maison Michel, available around the world. Or order one with super-unique glance from misslikey’s darling headwear designer Lara Vincent that has already won our hearts.


Grace said...

I have always loved the idea of a tee shirt worn with an over the top frou frou ball gown style skirt. But this white skirt worn with sheer top, my word! Too good.

Love Grace

Tuesdai Noelle said...

Hey Misslikey

Love the quirky sophiscation and creativity. I'm all for DIY. Christopher Josse's fashion, very poise, straight, and elegant.

Have a fab weekend :)

SabinePsynopsis said...

Great ideas! I think I need to start collecting some scarves... DIY couture is the way to go!

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