15 July 2010

floral'n'beach: Window Shop

If last summer we haven’t realized the beauty of floral bikini, this year we might spend full beach time in floral garden. Floral swimsuits can be gentle and sexy in the same time, depending on the way you wearing them. So for those caught in the romance craving of the season are more pale patterns, and for those still attached to edginess are brighter flowers.
For large range of floral swimsuits, it's right to give a blessing to French label Bronzette. All of the liberty prints, they used in collection are very splendid and romantic. It is not easy to choose between the models; Kate(triangle bikini), Mathilde(bandeau) and Rose (bit more feminine triangle) or prints (delicate portofino and bit brighter saint-tropez. Oh if we could have all of them. Stores that carry Bronzette bikinis are La Nouvelle Vague and Clickini.(all the bikinis and prices featured here are from La Nouvelle Vague)
From La Novuelle Vague comes also Guia la Bruna’s swimwear line. Lingerie and swimwear from young Italian designer provide us most romantic swimsuits, with all that joyful vibe of ruffles, bows and again Liberty prints. Let’s say that’s completely nothing wrong with the childhood vibe, cause anyway the most beautiful bikinis are those we wore exactly during our childhood. Watch out that in models like Precious Love, Dreamy Girl, Fruity Diva or Magic Swan, you don’t overdo with playing in sand.


jemina said...

FLORAL me likey ~ droooolllllll, xoxo

Tuesdai Noelle said...

Hey Misslikey

Not really a "floral chick," but I always LOVE I like the simplicity of it. Although, I've had a few floral dresses back in my day (as though I'm old ha) and they were SO PARTY. I guess if I had to pick on of them, I'd pick one by Bronzette. Have a fab evening :)