11 July 2010

Summer 2010 must have list

Summertime and the living is easy?

Sunscreen is your best friend in these hot summer days
But also catch up with your friends if your schedule over the year was awful. Just awful.
Make a good reads list of all the books you wanted to read over the year
Don’t be upset if you didn’t get your perfect swimsuit figure-that’s just artifice of mind.
No one is perfect, neither you are
If you have opportunity for camping or Robinson Crusoe kind of vacation, go for it; but be equipped like Tim the tool man, and dressed like Jesus.
Buy a daily face moisturizer with UV protection and hair conditioner that hydrates hair (you can use it on the beach if you are not fan of hair-sprays)
Don’t be lazy: get a lemon, squeeze it into glass and make yourself huge lemonade.But I am not sure you need to use it to highlight your hair. I’ve heard the chamomile is much better.
Learn to manoeuvre the boat (we don’t need another Titanic so the row boat will be just fine)
You don’t have to be beach-busy all the time.
All that is expected for you to do is to put on your sunglasses and to pretend your boyfriend/friend/husband is your bodyguard.
Feeling hmmm about moving the summerhouse on the beach when it comes to beach equipment. You are allowed to do this only if you have children. Or if you feel like a child. If you do, that’s fabulous and you don’t have to read this.
Don’t buy swimsuit or the beach bag on the sale only because it’s cheep. These are your essentials; you have to like it, not feel so-so, I don’t know about them.
Don’t pack like you are going to travel the world in 80 days.
Fall in love and don’t calculate.
Deep breathing can make your life much easier.
If it is possible be eco friendly traveler.
Yachts are passé.
If you are going on boat (wanted: sailboat) pack striped tops, white linen dresses, and wavy hair.
If not already, fall in love with divine lavender in summer days: With bunches decorate your place, with bags add romantic aroma to your closet, with spray refresh your bed with before you vanish to dream land.
Summertime is right time to learn that is the best to stop making Prophecy collections before the things happen. Let it be or you will miss the moment.
Also try not to be too photo-I am having a great time–obsessed.
Scenario that seems terrible; stuck in the hot city feeling lonely happened probably to all of us so
Forget self-pity, you are NOW & HERE and you have to be self-entertainer.
First become friend with quiet city and then do whatever you want. When you feel social go play (there are lot of activities out there). When you feel vagabond take long walks, have a loooong coffee with newspapers, explore new places and shops. When you feel lazy, treat yourself with ice cream and movie marathon with your favorite director (Woody Allen is my foster father in that case). When you feel you need sunbath, climb on the nearest roof or rest on the grass in park with coffee.
When you feel rebellious have a bath in public fountain.
Hobo is chic.
Wear hat. Sun is our goddess but knows how to be tricky sometimes.

Of course the living is easy



Sybil said...

hahaha.. i loved that part where you mentioned, dont try to be too photo-im having a great time- obsessed!! love this list!! :)

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jemina said...

Greattt POST!!!, xoxo

Fashion Court said...

great advice! :o)

Tuesdai Noelle said...

Hey :)

Cool tips...especially the "breathe in and out," that's definitely something that I need to do. Also, I gave you a "I love your blog" award :) Have a fab day :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, great post. I need the hat.

Haute World said...

Loved this list. I've done some of those things, but need to catch up on the rest. Hope you're having a wonderful summer so far!

Grace said...

Excellent as always my dear. Especially the dress-like-jesus part.

Love Grace.