13 September 2010

Back to greysis

Now that we are slightly slipping into a fall season, we are starting with revision of our closets. Ethereal questions, as What to keep, what to buy, what to put into the buffer and what to threw away or do a DIY instead, can cause a certain nervosa especially if your budget is weak. In this situation might be correct that statement of mighty Anna that there is something about fashion that can make people very nervous. I bet fashion a la Wintour would make a lot of us nervous, but in our own home and own closet there is no need for that. So you can a) panic and commit a impractical things-shopping act or b) you can take a deep breath and realize; Yes, there are so many lovely things screaming out there waiting for me to save them and wear them but I have to keep my coolness and If I cannot afford certain items, I’ll have to decide rationally what is my priority on to buy list. And I don’t want anymore to buy things that I’ll wear jut once or not even once.
So here on misslikey this fall you and I will both find some inspiration or suggestions how to look lovely in the fall and to feel satisfied with a little. With few new things and little creativity you can bring refreshment to your closet and items that you were wearing in the past seasons. Needlessly concourse and insane shopping are totally passé.

We are starting this smart fall with the sweaters. Though hot right now are those a little inflated and cropped, long sweaters are never out of fashion. And I am kind a melancholic lately for good old grey. Turn them in sweater dresses and wear with tights (not leggings), if they are not long enough wear white long tank under. If you are in DIY mood you can cut the sleeves (only if you are on personal with sewing machine), add a few brown buttons and turn it into a “real” dress (look upon the captain dress from Karen Walker).
If you are going to shop I suggest beautiful sweater dresses from Laurence Pasquier (for Aussies), Won Hundred, Ulla Johnson (also has a great grey sweatpants in collection) and Karen Walker. If you wish to start knitting visit Wool and the gang.


K A T H L E E N said...

grey is one of my fave colors to wear!

NobodyKnowsMarc said...

love grey, expecially in winter!


love fall's minamalism, grey is a great way to follow this!