14 September 2010

Model behavior; New York Fashion Week

With the beginning of fashion season in New York, our excitement to see how our favorite designers see the image of next summer is growing. With new trends, equally we are excited to see all the street style photos or maybe found us in street style section on our favorite fashion blog. Also if we didn’t see them in personal, we want to know around which models was buzz this season, so on the forums on fashion spot soon some member will count how many shows each model opened, closed or appeared in.
Fashion week is very stressful time of the year for a model. Running from show to show demands good flats, fittings comfortable clothes and cameras around demand that they are always looking like having fun. Not mentioning the after parties they have to attend. Maybe that casualness about style of models is probably a reason why backstage or street photos became our cultural ritual and exits after the show stalking places. And most of us would ignore the stress and the tension that these beautiful girls are going through and immediately trade places with them- just think of all beautiful clothes, parties and gift in clothes. And they get a paycheck. We would volunteer!



Jeniffer said...

i wish i could enjoy the taste of fashion week

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Grace said...

I want to be paid to look that amazing.

Love Grace.

Anonymous said...

I love Abbey Lee's new hair color!


Style Stars said...

i love model street-style shots, they're the best :)




one day i totally want to go to fashion week not only to see the designs but what the models are wearing after.