27 September 2010

misslikey bookmarks

FLY16x9 set new standards for the fusion of fashion and art in video format. When you see these "video editorials" and no ordinary interviews with artists, I guarantee you will bookmark a day on your calendar to catch up with all. And soon you’ll forget about every fashion film you saw before.

Hannah and Landon is one more place where art meets fashion. With these two you will never feel lack of love nor creativity. When they manage to do all that?

Fashionair is closed now but not forgotten. On fashionair is stated that it has become known for fabulous fashion videos. And they are not lying about that. Those that know what I’m talking about will reminisce about great videos like 7 days of chic. And those that didn’t know about fashionair have to see their youtube channel and pray that fashionair will be back again

On educative Clothes on Film, except costume information, you will get to know personal and psychological side of your favorite film heroines. What else allows you clothes search by decades?

The Contributing Editor is place where fashion and photography meet art. You just follow editorials from magazines? Well wait until you see the contributing editor.



Romany said...

Oh awesome! I'll be visiting each and every one of these sites right now! :)
Beautiful blog, sweetie.

Romany said...

Oh and I just thought you should know the link to the Contributing Editor is dodgy - it's got "www.blogger.com" in front of the blog's url...in case you wanted to change it...

Anonymous said...

Cool links! I will visit :)


Tiffany's Small World said...

nice blog!Thank you for checking my blog page. Hope you'll visit again.


Haute World said...

Fantastic links... I need to check them all out!

Style Stars said...

yayy i love hearing about new sites! im going to check these out.