28 September 2010

Dear misslikey, it's your 2nd birthday

Dear misslikey,

Yesterday was your 2nd birthday and I was lighting candles again. To celebrate the bond between us. That bond is maybe bit too emotional that when I recently received the bad critiques from dear friend of mine, for one moment he became not so dear of mine. Friend said he doesn’t likey you are too ordinary and tidy, nothing like on the beginning when you were poor little messy brat. Companion also accused me for not transmitting you values of creativity. Partially, he may have said the words of wisdom but I believe that babies are much more wiser than grown ups, so sometimes I just let you have the word. Talking about babies, if somebody told me few years ago that I would rather spend time with little kid than in a room full of clothes, vogues, smokes, surrounded with papers, pretending I am a writer, I would immediately proclaim him as insane. But oh dear Misslikey, you haven’t met my niece. When Lea enters the room, André León Tally could easily become person on hold. Honestly Misslikey, I didn’t have much time because I have to call Lady Gaga all day and ask her to confirm that she ate lot of veggies when she was Baby Gaga. I have to sneak around and find Hello Kitty at different occasions instead of clothes for different occasions. And believe me Misslikey, if you just saw her knocking on piano creating sounds P-P-P—POKA, you wouldn’t be mad cause I am rather hanging with her than with designers.
Talking about designers, seems that these days to be a designer all you need is to have a closet full of vintage clothes, model and Polaroid camera. Then you reproduce clothes and you make a handsome lookbook. And if it’s not to pricey, there is nothing sinful in that cause fashion did become little overrated. Thousand of dollars for a thing that doesn’t have even H of handmade. And we have so many things. I mean why do we need 10 jackets, when we can just put one on ourselves? Or pairs of shoes like we gonna walk 10 lives? Is something deviant in it, or it’s just me making cakes this year?
Know Misslikey, when I said last year in a letter that I am good as dates same as with cooking? This year I made an apple pie and it was actually delicious. When I am under the stress I work in my little garden. When I feel I have to create I make flowerpots. Oh dear, now you probably think when did she become Bree Van der Kamp or Stepford wife, but Misslikey, if it was something this year that gave me inspiration it was one thing that my friend Z taught me: how to not lose a heart in the heart of desert. Whining doesn’t help, acting helps.
You realize now Misslikey, It was truly hard year, but it was also educative and actually, really happy when I think about it now.
When you look yourself into the mirror in small place like one I am living in now, there are few things that you cannot hide and probably most obvious are patience, honesty, and loneliness. Differences among people are biggest when you are not able to choose with whom you will be surrounded. At the beginning you want to do some serious punching in the face and one moment you realize you are most likely to not care. Since the person you are seeing most on the street is you, no one really cares how many social roles you play. Except you. So it’s You that person that wakes up every morning and it’s creator of the day, it is You that has to have a coffee when you don’t have a coffee shop, and it’s You that has to shop when there are no shopping spots. And it’s You that has to be inspired, so it is you that sneaks into the closets full of vintage clothes in your boyfriend house.
Mostly of all dear Misslikey, you realize and you are always learning that most important and the only thing you should or you have to do is to be here and now wherever you are.
And it is You dear reader, which chooses how to spend your precious time. And if it is You that pops here in your spare time to see the new scribble I made, it’s no one else but Me...very grateful to you.

Yours truly,


kaitlin monroe said...

lovely, i adore your blog

Romany said...

This is wonderful...very wise.
"Whining doesn’t help, acting helps." -- this is definitely something that I need to remember! Next time I go to complain about a problem, I'll remember that it's better to act on it...Will be more productive.
Great post!
p.s. thanks for your comment, you've got great taste in music! :)

Sharon S said...

Hi my dear-love your blog and thanks for stopping by too!

OMG Becky said...

Thank you for the comment MissLikey. ( :

Have a splendid week!

Anonymous said...

great sense of fashion! check out my new posts! and follow if you please! xoxo!

Anonymous said...

great sense of fashion! check out my new posts! and follow if you please! xoxo!

Cafe Fashionista said...

Happy, Happy Belated Birthday, misslikey!! :)

Couture Carrie said...

Happy Blogiversary, darling!!


kelsea said...

i love those snapshots. and happy 2 years; never stop!

Grace said...

Happy Second BIRTH ANNIVERSARY! I'm glad I've been hear to watch you grow up!

Love Grace.

Juseneide said...

Congrats 4 ur 2nd b-day :=)