01 October 2010


Every new season, the thing we are more excited to see than clothes from our favorite labels are lookbooks or campaign ads from same. Lot of designers behind are really trying to narrate their stories, especially small clothing lines are ones that bring a lot of creativity to present their novelties. And they should, because all of us sometimes judge a book by its cover. And books this fall are telling interesting stories. That and the lack of space to present each line separately, inspired me to create my own imaginary description about girls which designers or shops have presented in their lookbooks. Since lot of them are paying attention this year to bottoms, this time misslikey uncovered girl that is wearing pants, shorts or skirt.

Keller girl is a schoolgirl. She loves books but also Saturday. She is practical, simple, lovely with very refined taste.
APC girl is a owner of small vintage shop. She loves red wine and long walks.
Rika girl is cool, confident and hip but dreamy. She feels best when she attends her drama classes.
To be adored girl is bohemian. Real, non phony. She loves art and old theaters. She is actually in love with love.
Girl from Asos shop this time is curator. In free time she is muse.
Carin Wester girl is big aesthete. She cares a lot for shape. Yes, she gets a first row at fashion shows very often but its not that she is going to hyperventilate about that.
Built by Wendy girl is a nature lover. She plays in garage band, listens to Nick Cave and eats dark chocolate.
Agnes B girl is a true intellectual. She loves menswear and anthropology. She has a cat.

*NOTE misslikey doesn't believe in stereotypes

What would you say about them?


Sydnie said...

I love how you showcased some of tomorrow's up-and-coming designers! They're all really great, and they totally deserve the praise you've given them!


Grace said...

Man I need me some peg-legged trousers!!!!

Love Grace.

Dylana Suarez said...

Ooh, I love this all. I love it when designers get creative when it comes to presenting their clothes!


cherie said...

i love the selection here, everything is so creative!

xo, cherie of Parade of Dresses

NobodyKnowsMarc said...

nice post!

stacey kelly said...

i love how you stereotyped them, so fun :)



hiven said...


KcomeKarolina said...

i love pants!!!thank you for passing by and leaving your sweet comment! it means a lot for me!
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Anonymous said...

cool pants!


little shadow said...

This is cool, nice job! xx

Maya said...

This is a really lovely idea. I sometimes do this, where I walk down the street with someone and we imagine their lives. Its mostly fun(sometimes we go all Cohen brothers on them) but sometimes really sad. Its great how you went beyond new trends to human beings behind them.
Go get em! :-)


sojourned in style said...

man pants are superly awesomeee, those looks are so coooollllll :))



lovin the high waist pants!