10 December 2010

Christmas carol

The streets and trees are sparkling silver lights, it’s the snow falling outside. Like a soap bubbles covers the house. Music plays from hidden clouds. Bells ringing all the time. Glittering stars falling from the sky. Carefree and full of love people holding hands, while all over the planet is translucent magic floating in the air.
On the 358th day of the year, during the night one chubby man is gonna sneak around your house. Be careful and don’t light fire. Chimney has to be clean and tide. He will look around and sprinkle magic dust around the house, then with a sound he will eat milk and cookies or cherry pie. When you wake up hearing something in dark you will see the falling star. That’s Santa in the sky riding his sleigh.
Santa’s little helpers have been working all the time. Petite treasures they make with lot of love. You will vaguely wander on the streets around with hot chocolate in a to-go cup. Buying of presents is wonderful moment of time. If you are refugee from icy wintertime you will stay home and order petite artworks online.

lace and tulle journal, $25; Jane Austen journal, $16; vintage Vogue poster; prints from Pop Pop Portraits, from $9 to $130

vintage Vogue magazine, $40; Golden Hands magazine, $3.95; What shall I wear today? book, $12; The Selby is in your home book, £13.43; Like I give a frock book, $18.95

knitted hangers, $28; hearts shoe bag, £3.00; positive affirmations pegs, $7; polka dot pegs, $3; floral hangers, £9.00

Christmas decorations: joy letters, $28; bird decoration, $9.95; snow fairy, $13; magic paper banner, $30; Noel tulle decoration, $5

ivory jewelry box, $18; pastel pink jewelry box, $15.75; vintage jewelry box, $39.99; floral laptop case, $28; leopard laptop case, $39

This is misslikey's annual Christmas gift guide (last year's guide)



Good Blog!!
Very lovely, well uuuh've got the style


christamas is as lovely as you beautfiully described it. the vintage vogues and jewlerry boxes would be a great surprsie under the tree (parents?)

Gypsy Gardens said...

Lijepo! Baš volim tvoje tekstove :)

Helen said...

Lijepo napisano:))

jemina said...

LOVE all of your picks, FABULOUS!!!


Maya • Fashion Illustration blog said...

Great stuff pretty! Really lovely choice of presents. This year I've decided to surprise my family with a million and one little sily gift! (instead of one big meaningful one I usually opt for) :-))))


Claudia said...

This is really great stuff!! I love the Jane Austen journal and the floral laptop case- I love these colorful vintage floral prints.

*Claudia* xo
Molto ❤ Fashion

Haute World said...

Ahh, what beautiful items - so girly and all of them so timeless. Nothing is more nostalgic than vintage Vogue, but I also adore all the boxes!

jemina said...

Amazing picks dear, thanks for sharing :)


Angie He said...

I love your gifts, they are so nice!
♥ ♥ ♥ Love, Angie
Check out my blog & maybe we could follow each other?

vint junky said...

These are SO beautiful. A really inspired gift guide lady ;)


Unknown said...

what a shame I bought all my presents already, I love all these!