28 November 2011

Interview with Jaclyn from Audrey Grace

Jaclyn Bethany is owner of  Audrey Grace, pop-up shop that’s going to open its doors on December 17th in Jackson, Mississippi. With clothes by our favorite labels and pieces of art by our favorite artists, Jaclyn created something like our favorite shop in a dreamland. I met this lovely lady few months ago when she contacted me about the collages for her shop, and she is very hardworking and dedicated in the pursuit of only the perfect things for Audrey Grace. Meet this charming girl and find out more about her and the shop in interview below.

Hello Jaclyn, first I want to know how did you get an idea for Audrey Grace pop-up shop?
Growing up, I always loved fashion. I always wanted to open my own business- my own shop. I decided to open a pop-up shop to test the market. The name Audrey Grace comes from my two favorite style icons, Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly, who I think are timeless and women today can relate to them.
Where shop is based?
My hometown- Jackson, Mississippi, U.S.A.
Is there any chance that Audrey Grace becomes a permanent shop?
I would love that. However, It depends on lots of factors and what I am doing in the future. I would love to open a permanent space for Audrey Grace that has a different feel. I think if I opened up a permanent space I would change it around. I've always imagined a tea room within my shop; I think that'd be perfect!
The list of great designers and labels that you going to stock in AG is too long; TBA, Orla Kiely, Elizabeth Lau, Vivetta, Lady Petrova, Rachel Antonoff, Alexandra Grecco, Erin Fetherston…Audrey Grace is really a dream shop. So Jaclyn are there any pieces that you don’t want to sell?
Thank you! Well, I love everything but some of the pieces aren't my size, etc. I have kept a few pieces for myself though. And each day the shop is open I will be wearing a different outfit from Audrey Grace to promote the store!
Tell me a little bit about art pieces and paper things in the shop?
I have worked with photographers, illustrators, and artists from all over the world. It has been such a blessing and a privilege. There are probably around 300 art pieces that will be sold in the shop. Most of the artwork is inspired by style icons and designers that are stocked within Audrey Grace. The Australian artist Caitlin Shearer created a beautiful lookbook of all the custom dresses that are being stocked in Audrey Grace. And your collages are stunning of course!
I read on Audrey Grace’s facebook page that walls of shop will be in Tiffany blue. Can you reveal us a little bit more about interior and décor?
Yes, there is a picture of the walls now, did you see it! So it's just a pop-up shop so I can't go too over the top with decorating although if I opened a permanent shop the focus would be more on interiors. Basically, we are using antique pieces from my home and then the artwork will decorate the walls.
How are you preparing for the shop opening? Is there going to be a party?
There will be a party! Just something special to celebrate the opening on December 17th with champagne and macaroons, of course!
About the process of choosing labels for store…Did you have a plan or it was based on what you like?
No, I didn't really have a plan. I remember starting on Etsy about six months ago and contacting sellers that way. Then I started reaching out to larger labels. It was based on what I liked and what I knew other girls liked but couldn't find.
What about vintage? What can we expect on that field?
Some of the vintage I have sourced myself, others I have asked various stylists/bloggers to source including Ashley Ording of Fancy Fine, Emily Theobold of It Girl, Rag Doll, Jessica Butler, and the stylists behind the London boutique, Koh Samui. The selections are amazing and really reflect the beauty of the store.

Now a little bit about Jaclyn…

Tell me a little about your education and what are you doing besides Audrey Grace?
I am a senior in university, studying acting, it is my main focus. I am currently in a production of Twelfth Night at school and considering applying to graduate schools…I'm so busy! (But a good busy!)
What are the favorite pieces in your closet?
I love my shoes (Miu Miu, Louboutins, Manolos, Charlotte Olympia, etc.) my Mulberry bags, and the things made by Chanel that I own.
Favorite designers?
Well high-end designers- Chanel, Miu Miu, Prada, Mulberry, Rodarte, and Valentino are some of my favorites. For affordable pieces I love Nadinoo, Erin Fetherston, TBA, Nishe, Jill Stuart, Orla Kiely Sretsis, Alex Grecco, etc. Basically all of the labels I am stocking in the store. For basics, I generally wear J. Crew.
Favorite places to shop?
Hmmm.. I love Orla Kiely- her NYC and London boutiques. I like Opening Ceremony although sometimes it's a bit edgy for me. Their NYC store is like a museum. The Jill Stuart and Anna Sui stores downtown are always fun and whimsical. I live in NYC, so when I go shopping it's usually in Soho. Topshop is wonderful too. I love ASOS online- All the best brands in one place. In London, I like the shops Fifi Wilson, Liberty, Harvey Nichols, Whistles, Lucy in Disguise and all the vintage shops on Portobello and Camden Passage.
Favorite movie, book and fairytale characters?
My favorite movies for fashion are Picnic at Hanging Rock and Breakfast at Tiffany's. I was in Australia over the summer and wanted to visit Hanging Rock but never made it! My favorite book is The Great Gatsby, can't wait for the new movie! My favorite fairy tale is Alice in Wonderland.
Do you have a style icon?
Alexa Chung is my style icon.
What does fashion mean to you?
I think fashion is important because it's constantly changing and has basically shaped our conceptions of clothing over time.
Your secret world…how would it look like…what would you wear, where would you live and what would you eat?
Gosh, I have no idea! I suppose I would live at the Ritz in Paris, wear only Chanel and eat Laduree macaroons every day. I really think Amanda Harlech lives that life, actually. So maybe I'd want to be her!

To find out more visit;
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