14 December 2011

Magical Christmas Time

Dear little invisible Christmas friends,

I will be sitting at table in pajama and eat some sweets from my candy tin. When angels and dolls start the dance on my Christmas tree, on the sound of a bell I’ll take my coat. I must remember to turn on the lights for Santa that will soon start to sneak around a house. Please recognize me dear friends when I come outside because all that snow in my garden makes me pale like a snowflake. White cat will see us but she won’t tell a soul. And don’t forget… when Santa Stalker enters my house; we’ll make him a surprise. You my littles borrow Santa’s sleigh and so we can fly towards sky while we spread the magical stardust. We will be frisky and laugh when we come to the clouds. I will gather some snowflakes to take home, that isn’t stealing you know. Please don’t forget to bring me macaroons from Laduree. Also, you know I like to dance on the clouds in tulle that Karl makes in Chanel. I will tell the planets we need carrousel and you tell the stars that we will need rosy stardust. You my little friends might wonder so I will tell you why. When we come back I want to sprinkle the dust on every house in our little town. I almost forgot to tell that you pick flowers so we can make wreaths from violets and roses to make beautiful everyone’s doorstep.

P.S. Later we will sing Christmas songs and take a ride on a carrousel. Hope you are ready for magical Christmas time. I am.

Yours truly,


graciela alaniz said...

I adore your Christmas spirit, as well as you wit "all that snow in my garden makes me pale like a snowflake." you are incredibly imaginative, I like this little world that you've created. beautiful collage as always.


Nana said...

how lovely! :)) indeed your fondess of christmas is admirable!

Aileen Kim said...

this is so magical...your play of words never fail to amaze me! Happy early Christmas sweetie!

Unknown said...

:)) jos malo, jedva cekam :))

Kailey said...

What an absolutely gorgeous collage - rather belated, but Merry Christmas <3

Unknown said...

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