07 October 2012

Dreamland Maison

As a devoted fan of Marie-Fleur Charlesworth photography work, every novel still from Marie’s objective makes me blissful. This time, Marie joined the forces for creating moment-in-time fairytale with our dear  Jaclyn Bethany, owner and buyer of Audrey Grace boutique that was featured few times here on misslikey and that also stocks misslikey collages. 
La Maison De La Mere happened in house of Marie’s mum that is embellished with prettiest antique furniture and details. Rebecca Taylor, Sretsis, and Love Me Tender dresses from Audrey Grace boutique, in mystique, sensual and girlie way contributed to the wistful and dreamy mood of photographs. Details, such as white 1960s earrings, red and polka dot hosiery and gloves gave us vast inspiration for upcoming cold days of Miss Autumn that still have to be lovable. 

For more photos of La Maison De La Mere, visit blogs of Audrey Grace and Marie-Fleur.

1 comment:

Valerie Enríquez said...

I love your little hearts all over the images, and the colors are quite whimsical! Polka dot hosiery is my favorite for this upcoming winter x