02 October 2012

my Valentina Assoluto

As a charismatic muse of modern Valentino, Valentina is intriguing, magnetic, unpredictable. Valentina transforms clothing into a secret experience, a private search for her inner self, and a personal and intimate form of pleasure.

I’ve received Valentina Assouluto, a new fragrance from Valentino house about a week ago and I’ve become slightly addicted to the scent it spreads. It’s such a beautiful, mystique, seductive fragrance adorned with notes of bergamot, white Alba, Smeggia peach, jasmine, tuberose, vanilla, cedar, oak moss and patchouli. Pretty and elegant bottle is made of brown opaline glass and adorned with large flower, emblem of Valentino couture. For this little still of my life, I wore my vintage beaded dress that is really one of the most darling dresses in my closet, made of pure soft silk (I’ve became little snobbish lately with fabrics so I avoid fabric mixtures) that is covered with thousands of ivory beads. This intense fragrance smells on all those pretty moments with inner self, rituals of dressing up, love and pretty dresses. It will be my perfect partner in all those lovely moments that are about to come.


Unknown said...

Absolutely great post :)
And really intresting blog.
We can follow each other on gfc and social networks if u want :)




Katie Frank said...

I bet it smells fab <3.
These photos are omg, just AMAZING <3


trishie said...

Sound like a gorgeous perfume and you look so pretty!

Nana said...

hmmmmmmm it sounds like it smells so good! and the photos are so pretty!

Debra Turner said...


These are absolutely beautiful things. I've looked at a few of your posts and love your tastes. Lovely clothes, hair. Great style!

Valerie EnrĂ­quez said...

You are so gorgeous! And I love love your dress. Beaded garments are my favorite. The scent sounds intoxicating and how lovely that they sent it your way :)