14 November 2012

Clothes Friends

some of the lovelies
Oh dears, you just cannot believe what happened to me one morning about three weeks ago. I went out with intention to have a cup of coffee and few cigarettes, when in front of one building I spotted bunch of old magazines left at the side with garbage. Gypsy as I am when it comes to paper and clothes, you cannot imagine how happy I was when I saw these were 1960s editions of magazine Svijet (Yugoslavian fashion and lifestyle magazine). Except I found dozens of original sewing patterns in these issues published between 1964 and 1966, I was amazed by smartness and creativity of texts while all relationships advices and the rules of politeness made me laugh. I also found in these new friends of mine some great advices on clothing care. 
Since today we are testifying this prevailing trend of clumsiness, tons of clothes that we get on the high street seasonally because of its poor quality of fabrics don’t need a special care. Wear it and throw away, set up as a motto of new generation doesn’t need extra energy devoted to maintenance. As a girl that feels really fulfilled after all her bags and shoes are polished, I believe that order and caring attitude towards things in practical life are close friends of the way you are living your life. 
Since I know that You my dear, brainy readers are lovers of all things pretty, vintage and original, I thought it would be neat to share with you some of the advices on clothing care that I found on these pages of past. Hope you will find these helpful. 

  • Never close umbrella if it’s wet. 
  • When you are storing summer/winter wardrobe, after you wash it don’t iron it because the smell of ironed fabric attracts moths. Store in plastic bags. 
  • To keep necklaces from tangling, use your wooden mirror as hanger (place little pins onto lower part of frame). 
  • If you have greasy spot on blouse, before washing it soak the spot in alcohol. 
  • Curtains that became yellowish due to cigarette smoke, before washing, soak for 24 hours in lukewarm salted water. 
  • To prevent dark green spots on skin made by costume jewelry pieces, apply colorless nail polish on the inside of rings and bracelets.
  • Refresh white blouses and tops by soaking them for 24 hours in clean water with lemon juice (one lemon on one liter of water).
  • Remove grass stains from canvas shoes and ballet flats with 90 % alcohol. 
  • How to wash woolen items  Water for washing and rinsing has to have same temperature, has to be lukewarm, and don’t rub the garment, just squeeze it softly (same do when rinsing). Don’t dry them on direct sunlight or near radiator. 
  • Taking care of leather bags At least once a month with soft cloth apply not too aggressive colorless cream on leather. (I use usually regular body lotion.) Clean suede leather with synthetic sponge and patent leather with piece of fresh onion, then polish with soft fabric. Light-color leather goods can be cleaned with linseed oil. Also don’t throw away old fur pieces; they would be useful for polishing leather items. Especially shoes. Clean canvas lining of bags (useful especially with second-hand bags) with mixture of ammonium and water (spoon of ammonium on ½ liter of water). After this, clean canvas with water. 
P.S. I am so sorry I've been a bad blogger-friend lately. I didn't have internet at home for almost two months. (I moved to new city and apartment.) Can't wait to sit in peace with cup of tea and catch up with all your reads you've been posting on your lovely blogs during this period of my absence. xx


Nana said...

This is so cool! I'll take these advices to heart. You lucky girl! hope you get internet back soon :))

moira said...

ooh this comes at the right time! i have a pair of ballet flats that i thought were ruined after too many strolls in the english countryside. You might have saved them from a horrible bin death! thanks for posting those useful tips x

Katie Frank said...

woah this story is totally cool, especially with the mags! <3
thank you for sharing these advices.
i hope you are having internet soon <3

Emily Peebles said...

Oh, these are such wonderful tips! I quite like to take good care of the things I buy and try not to be wasteful as well. That tip on preventing green spots on skin due to cheap jewelry is simply brilliant! x

little henry lee said...

this is some great advice! it's horrible that instead of valuing the clothes we buy these days we just buy cheap things on sale for the sake of it and wear it once or twice and then never again. i'm definitely guilty of that, but it's more important to take care of the nice things we own than it is to buy more.
oh yum they look delicious! i've only ever bought veggie patties before and eaten them with other vegetables or as a burger, i've never actually made them before but i might try these out!

little henry lee