21 November 2012

Oh, dear Mr. Coat

Oh hello there, 
Could we go out for a walk sometimes? You would hug me tenderly as I walk down the street moving away leaves that come my way. Please, keep me warm and make me chic, so I can look like I stepped out of film from far away land, made by the man…hmm…Godard, that’s his name. I cross my heart and kiss my elbow that I won’t spoil you with the boots, so I will wear my prettiest Mary Janes and finest cream lace on legs when we have date. When we come at home, I promise I will take you off gently and put you on my prettiest satin hanger. I would make myself cup of raspberry tea while you will sleep. I will whisper you softly the words of worship and love, and you will wait patiently for our next adventure and walk. 

Yours truly, Moi

**Get Nouvelle Vague chic this season with prettiest coats with contrast detailing (collar, pockets, buttons). If you don’t have spare pennies to spend, try to find vintage collar or use your imagination to create something you always wanted to have. (I found this easy tutorial for DIY fur collar.) 
IN COLLAGE: Peter Jensen velvet collar swing coat from his Autumn Winter 2012 Thelma collection comes in three different versions. The lavender one had been featured in last issue of Lula under Lula Loves. Vivi Ponti from Vivetta last few seasons makes adorable coats with interesting details. The one on the photo (photographed and styled by Linda Portman) was from Vivetta AW 11 collection, while in new collection there is black coat with red fur details. Blue coat with black pockets and buttons is from Orla Kiely Pre-AW12 collection. Of course Alexa has it. **


Katie Frank said...

wow, so many lovely coats. i guess i like the violet one the most :)

Nana said...

cute text and collage, as usual :))
ha of course I'll take you around paris! you'll have to come soon though, because I'm leaving mid-december :/ I'll gladly give you a list with my favourie spots nonetheless!

Gigi, street style said...

The lavender is my favorite.


Satin and Souffles said...

I love the lilac one! So pretty & old fashioned xx


Emily Peebles said...

Your writing is so sweet. I'd like to write an ode to my coat as well, or a very long love letter. These coats certainly remind me of those worn in Godard films... like Une Femme Est Une Femme, or something of that sort x

Valerie Enríquez said...

Wow I wish I was a millionaire to own all of these coats. I love the vivetta coat especially! :)

Ivana Split said...

divni kaputi

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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