27 January 2013

Rainy days and Weekends

You can feel her scent when she softly tries to creep inside the soul of one. You can find her in the hugs of loved ones when the serenade she plays evokes their bodies like a prayer. Charmed, these will take the air to feel the pain her drops did to naked skin around their hearts. She performs the sweet symphony with the melodies so fine and similar to those of divine. 

On the day when Mademoiselle Rain is around I will sit on the sofa carefree and read my favourite magazine. And welcome one more daylight with proper breakfast à la Royale.  I will wander around on gloomy morning through flea market when feisty and rugged drops mislead the ways of other gold searchers. In quietness, I will look out to make the prettiest friendship between little porcelain creatures in imaginary world I tend to create.

On a rainy day I want to sit alone in my favourite coffee shop. I want to enjoy the words of silence and messages on the paper that greedily holds memories in the yellow spots. I want to run through fields of lost time and smell flowers wet with the tears that Queen of Sky cried. I want to admire the order. I want to learn something new that’s going to make this voyage of mine irreplaceable. And somehow give me guidance to leave my footprint in this time.



Emily Peebles said...

Wow, this is really beautiful writing. Makes me want to sit in coffee shops on rainy days...très romantique.

Katie Frank said...

it sounds so french, so beautiful and romantic. love it.

Anonymous said...
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raluca marie wolfski said...

i can't believe i never ran into this magazine.
well, i guess there are a lot of zines i don't know about.

thank you for sharing :).

Mancina said...

love the writing and the pictures are beautiful <3