29 January 2013

Silly Little Tea Cups

Unlike most people who start a day healthy with nice cup of tea, my mornings are reserved for extreme coffee addiction. (Oh, those writers!)
My special moment of teatime begins later, in the afternoon, and it’s usually English breakfast tea with bit of soymilk and honey, that I sip from one of the cups from my floral vintage collection. This had become one of my favourite rituals, especially if there’s neat literature around to keep my eyes busy. 
I believe that you, dear readers, also enjoy in your teatime moments and that you pick your teacups with love and caring. Therefore, I think you would agree that hand painted vintage teacups from Silly Little Tea Cups share our idea of teatime as special moment. These pretty floral teacups with charming sayings will make any tea party special. We all know how we appreciate our moments of silence, so how perfect it would be to have teacups that are not just lovely, but also speak in your name. What yours will tell… Cheeky, silly or naughty?  

Find Silly Little Tea Cups on Etsy


Ivana Split said...

as one coffee junkie to another, I understand:)

Satin and Souffles said...

Oh those teacups are too cute! I am exactly the same. I love coffee in the morning & Tea in the afternoon! Both with soy milk ;) Hope you're well! xx


Francesca Rose said...

I adore the way you lay out your posts and these tea cups are so cute. There isn't anything more satisfying than drinking tea out of a good cup ;-)

I'm now following your blog!

Francesca xo

raluca marie wolfski said...

that's a really nice teacup!
i wish i had a big white kitchen where i could collect all sorts of teacups.
until that day :).