31 January 2013

top secret: Louise Paris

In the sea of terrible second-hand shops today, sometimes it can be really frustrating to find a shop that offers proper second-hand pieces in your own style. Not so long ago, in the middle of investigation for Princess Tam Tam triangle bra, I came across this wonderful shop called Louise Paris
This online boutique offers wide range of luxury second-hand clothing for both women and men and ships worldwide. They have bunch of Chloe stuff and dozens of lovely and affordable See by Chloe frocks, as well. Most items are worn just once and prices are reasonable. For example, you will pay 800€ for awfully expensive Chloe Sally bag that costs 1710 € in retail. In this paradise of second–hand designer clothing, you can find pieces from Isabel Marant, Marc Jacobs, Lanvin, Carven, Le Mont St Michel, YSL, Stella McCartney, Chanel and many more. Apart from designer clothing, Louise Paris sells also no name pieces, which are in great condition. The showroom is based in Paris where you can make an appointment to try on the garments. The only problem is that most items sell out quickly, so you have to be up to date with website.
As I said, most of the second- hand shops really make us hate pre-owned clothes because they offer pieces in very bad condition. Au Contraire, Louise will make your relationship with second-hand divine. Keep a secret. Of course, if you want all this pretty clothes for yourself!


Ivana Split said...

it looks like they really have fab stuff!

Katie Frank said...

these stuff are too wonderful <3

Emily Peebles said...

Ah wow, this seems like the perfect place. ChloƩ, YSL, Marc Jacobs...what a dream! I love that buttercup yellow dress with the peter pan collar - swooon! x