19 April 2013

Get ready for spring with House of Fraser

Dearest readers, When Alice from House of Fraser asked me recently for a guest post here on misslikey I gladly accept it. They have so many pretty things so it was really hard for Yours Truly to pick the loveliest ones. Words are by dear Alice. Enjoy!

In my eyes, spring is a time for out with the old and in with the new, and that means, In order to make room for all of your new gorgeous spring clothes; you need to give your wardrobe a good spring clean. No-one likes cobwebs hanging off your clothes, or moth eaten floral garments, so take advice from the ladies who know how to keep their closets perfect.

For most of us, spring means floral dresses, cute ballet pumps, and the ability to have a casual stroll through your local park on a warm evening. As we are coming up to that beautiful time of year, I thought it was only appropriate to write a spring guide for all of you girly girls out there who love colour, patterns and my all-time favourite, the satchel bag! 
I am always torn with the decision of what style to opt for in the spring and summer seasons. As much as i love the look of linen trousers and a casual smock top, I must admit a summer dress is always my first choice when choosing my spring outfits. 

In case you haven’t already heard, blue and white stripes are going to make a comeback, which means it’s totally ok to walk around the middle of London looking like we own a yacht. Blue and white striped dresses are my all-time spring favourite. They are so classy and elegant, and go with absolutely everything. Tan is a fantastic colour to put with blue and white, and especially in regards to shoes and bags, which means you can’t go wrong with a statement bag to go with your nautical theme! 
The patterned dress 
For all of you lovers of anything patterned you are in luck this season, as it appears that patterns and floral are the nation’s favourite choice for the spring and summer seasons. To me it doesn’t matter what patterned dress you choose as long as it has a bit of personality. Patterns are gorgeous to wear if you want to emphasise your beautiful curves, yet hide any unwanted lumps and bumps. Don’t be afraid to use colour this spring, the beautiful sunshine means its ok to wear bright and vibrant colours. 


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delicious pieces. i've been away from blogging for awhile and just enjoyed catching up on all your posts! xo

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I LOVE that satchel! & that striped dress! xx


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I LOVE floral dresses, the girlier the better.