28 April 2013

The New Look; To Be Adored Spring 2013

Loyal TBA fans after past two collections from the label were probably wondering where all those Peter Pan collars disappeared. Binbin McNiven, designer at TBA, over the past few years has created label that was synonym for sweet, but very refined and casual fashion. Label’s pretty frocks adorned with collars over the years have been on the lust list of various IT girls and style icons. (Think of Miss Chung.) 
Although TBA in past collections did offered very clean lines for such a cute ensembles, it’s obvious that new collections have more of this ascetic, Scandinavian vibe. Binbin might had replaced sweetness with sensuality, but some things such as refined detailing, proper tailoring and excellent fabrics haven’t changed. 
The new slouchy silhouette of TBA ensembles, doesn’t exclude hand embroidered motifs, sheer inserts and panels.
One more novelty at TBA is quirkiness so except of polka dot garments there are cream items featuring bold collage print, and along with star appliqu├ęs  designer added funny pacmans to lace dresses. 
We forgave Binbin the collars, but we truly appreciate she stayed faithful to organza. To be adored over the years has taught us that organza is most perfect summer fabric. When it’s used properly, of course. And Binbin knows this best.

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Louise said...

Oh, I hate being a broke student when I stumble across beautiful labels like these! I loveeeeee the one rightbelow the one with the pink skirt... so pwetty! :o

Katie Frank said...

this is such beautiful collection <3 i wish i was able to buy something <3