19 May 2013

Sunday Stalking...The Casa of Florence

Florence Welch is such a darling. Most interesting to me of contemporary female singers, this redhead with angelic voice is really something special. Her performances in her flowy dresses with appearance of Madame Gres look like that surreal creature came from the clouds and started to sing. With her attitude and style at the same time she is so powerful and sweet.
Powerful and sweet were also the words I thought when I saw the feature of Florence Welch’s new apartment in May issue of Vogue US. Florence moved recently into new apartment in South London and made this space in Georgian house her paradise.
Bohemian paradise à la Flo is embellished with her gorgeous antique décor and vintage clothing pieces. She has a crush on tapestries, so except tapestries in bedroom, her Renaissance corner with prints and tapestries is placed at stairwell of apartment. Every single piece of apartment looks like it belongs to this pretty home, but what prettiest in this spread is Flo herself.
Dressed up in Louis Vuitton white voluminous dress sitting on her reupholstered striped sofa, looks like a bohemian princess from some other prettier planet. And while posing in front of Victorian fireplace in silky YSL dress, I reckon this would be the moment when Mr. Laurent would be totally proud of Heidi Slimane.
That's our Florence! She makes us all proud. Even if we don't know her in personal.

see more photos below

What do you think of Florence's apartment? Candy or not? 
Photos of Rock The Casa spread via Vogue.com


Belphoebe said...

I fell completely head over heels in love with these pictures too, esp the top right one! She looks so beautiful as well. I love this post (and all your other posts) I've said this before I think but your taste is completely faultless. I always look to your new posts for new inspiration, so thank you! xx

lola said...

She looks really beautiful...and her flat...amazing!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Psychofoxes said...

These photos are so inspiring! Her apartment is just perfect. Thanks for sharing this!

Tribute to the Tribe said...

Her place is just like her, bohemian chic.


Cassidy said...

I died when I saw the pictures of her apartment. It's the perfect reflection of her lovely self!

Abigail Mifsud said...

Florence is so inspiring! It's so nice to see the inside of her flat - and now that I know it's in South London I hope I don't turn into a stalker ;)! <3