02 July 2013

Beard, please!

To be honest with you dear misslikettes, misslikey always had a thing for boys with beards. That look of the gentleman that beard gives together with bit of edge that hair or skinny jeans create makes me to stop and look for a while. It is certainly possible that my attraction to boys with beards started with Iron and Wine or Fleet Foxes, and I know I can be bit of a music hypocrite sometimes for liking the bands with pretty people (read: made of boys with beards). So, yes we did had outstanding choice of bearded boys to listen over the years, but lately I am glad that beards had finally made their move from studios to modeling agencies. These days on the covers of magazines and in different editorials and lookbooks we can see beautiful examples of male specie wearing beards and tattoos. One of the boys we have honor of seeing a lot around is Ricki Hall, 26-year-old model that lives and works in London. Except of the promenade of his instagram fans worshiping his beard and numerous tattoos, Ricki won the heart of people from fashion industry. In fact his story of modeling is quite quirky as his appearance, since his 2-year-old career started when he visited London for a weekend and got scouted in front of Topman where he went to buy himself a t-shirt. What is special about Ricki beside of the tattoos and the beard is his perfect sense of style. He describes it as a fusion of 1950s New York workman with a nod towards 1930’s English gentleman and a sprinkle of the 1980s skinhead era. We couldn’t agree more and add that he embodies all these eras in perfect way. Good luck Mr. Hall, we are delightful to see you around.

p.s.Talking about bearded boys, Andrew Lloyd Webber’s legendary rock classic Jesus Christ Superstar returns to The O2 Arena in London on Sunday 13 October 2013. Find out more about Jesus Christ Superstar tickets.

"You can’t get more manly than a hairy man, that wears a musky cologne and smells of dirt, cigarettes and beer." says Ricki (source)

See Ricki Hall's collection for P & Co named Unlovable Heartbreaker here


Abigail Mifsud said...

When I first saw the comeback of the beard, I wasn't sure what to think - but now I am completely won over!
Maybe a beard awaits you this summer - or maybe he's already here...? ;)

little henry lee said...

ohhh ricki hall! what an incredible specimen of a man. i'm a 100% through and through beard fan, and ricki hall is at the very top of the list of attractive men in the world! although he's possibly been surpassed by chrisjohnmillington (on instagram) i think you'll enjoy his photos and videos too!

little henry lee