11 July 2013

Playful, Pretty and Print

After all those rains we thought that it might never come to us, but Miss Summer had decided that will slowly and elusively sneak into our lives. To have a spirit ready for a little summer playing, we are going to fight those irritating heat waves with friendly water and pleasant frozen drinks. 
For those moments of play, many of us  will become joyful with the help of charming prints this year. What you wear reflects on how you feel, smart people used to say and this season thanks to all those magnificent folks that are designing and making our clothes, we finally have from plenty to pick. As most appealing of the swimwear offered this season I choose dear Lauren Moffatt that last few years became synonym for the playful and pretty swimwear. Her summer 2013 collection is mind-blowing and the one-piece in the heart print is already a huge star. We must not forget our dear Orla Kiely and one-piece in her genius Poolside print. As well, be close to good old gingham. The cutest little top/corset from Steven Alan would be perfect together with good old A-line denim skirt. After all the playing in the sand, in this combination you will be ready for all those see sighting sunsets. 
So, are we ready for the joys that Miss Summer will bring this year?! Oh, oui!


Laila said...

These are so pretty! I'm always tempted to buy nice bikinis and swimwear but I spend all my time in the water where nobody can see, it would be a waste of nice items on me! X

Unknown said...

What gorgeous bikinis! I kind of wish it were summer here in Australia now, so I could take a trip to the beach. Although I would be tempted to pursue a perfect 2 piece before doing so!

xx Carina


Katie Frank said...

those lovely swimsuits are amazing! i wish my body was perfect enough to wear one of them <3