24 July 2013

Piece of Furniture...Love Seat

When I think about my own future home (this thoughts usually go like this; “dear God, if you exist, you are my witness I deserve apartment at Notting Hill. With staircase. I don’t need anything too big. Something small. Well not too small. Think of Bridget Jones’s apartment! Please?!”) and furniture in it, Ercol loveseat will have the special spotlight in that imaginary place. This classic piece of furniture would fit perfectly into dining space of modern girlie apartment.The iconic love seat was designed in 1955 by Ercol founder Lucian Ercolani who based his range on British classic designs. Therefore loveseat was based on a double Windsor chair but lightened with pale timbers and slender tapered legs.
Today this gorgeous bench is hand crafted in Ercol’s Buckinghamshire factory and costs £700. Also version of Loveseat is available at The White Company (on the photograph) for the similar price and in natural and white tone. These versions are much more reasonable than vintage ones which are more pricier. It is same with reissue of loveseat that Ercol did in collaboration with designer Margaret Howell.
Love seat is still my imaginary perfect piece of furniture but well, who knows, maybe one day misslikey would be written from Ercol love seat. Isn’t that just brilliant dream?


Ivana Split said...

This is so lovely:)
you made me laugh...something not too big on Nothing Hill, but not too small either...:)


Francesca Rose said...

I want a love seat! so cute

Francesca xo

Laila said...

Beautiful love seats! I'd love a flat in Notting Hill too... XX

Katie Frank said...

these furniture are awesome <3


Louise said...

So pretty *w* A flat in Notting Hill wouldn't be too shabby either.

Mumbles said...

Your prays to god are so funny. I wouldn't mind anything in Notting Hill either... (sight)