03 August 2013

August with Family Affairs

When you become aware that the summer is soon forgotten, I can tell you that you woke up in August . Isn’t the truth that when there is a little left of sunrays, you wish to catch them with palms of your hands. Therefore, don’t wait. Catch a beauty of charming A. with blossoms opened to peace and magic that August moons spread. 
In the days of August we will drink lemonade with clean minds and warm hearts. Even if we don’t have our soul mates or beloved ones, we would wish that we could get lost to someplace near the sea where birds would wake us up. Then we would truly enjoy sunrises and sunsets that welcome and farewell these charming days. 
In sweet Sextilis we would pick lavender and collect rose petals. In the satin boxes we would carefully put them for a scent that will bring delight to our autumns and winters. 
In dear August we would make sorbets, drive in boats and wear a pretty pretty clothes. We would play, sing and look alluring with floral wreaths wrapped in our hairs.

Spring Summer 2013 from Family Affairs available here

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Laila said...

I love Family Affairs so much! I have basically their entire back catalogue on my wishlist!