07 August 2013

Bonjour Terraneo!

Dearest missliketes, since the summer and beloved August are reserved for fun, joy and festivals, I’d like to share with you one of my favourite summer festivals. Charming Terraneo is located in my lovely hometown Sibenik that has a soul of an old poet and the prettiest sunsets ever seen. For misslikey these past two years Terraneo has been the place of divine music experience.  
First year in my spotlight were amazing The Raveonettes and gorgeous Sharin Foo who looked absolutely magnificent in front of the full moon, wearing capelet and platinum bob. This was total Nouvelle Vague-Blondie moment in the first row. And yes, I screamed. My divine moment, on the other hand, at Terraneo festival happened last year during The xx gig. I have to say I was in heaven even hours after seeing, listening and feeling these angels in black. Not to mention that over past years I also experienced even my stalking moment at Terraneo. Yes, I stalk. Well, sometimes. And I certainly cannot resist it when it comes to pretty drummers and bands like The Vaccines. When I spotted last year drummer Pete Robertson in Terraneo crowd with a voice of crazy fan I announced it to my friend. Any yes he was thrilled to join me in my stalking. And enough crazy to yell at him. Even if we were acting like couple of lunatics, dear Pete was pretty polite. Well, celebrities understand we are all lunatics sometimes better than anyone. So this year, with a cool cool breeze and dirty knees (as The Vaccines would say) I will enjoy Calexico and be in delirium with My Bloody Valentine. Maybe I will even jump with Prodigy. All this in pretty clothes, of course.

See inspiration wall below and find out more about Terraneo Music Festival here.


ice pandora said...

Very inspiring post and looove
the picks you have chosen c: Xx

Katie Frank said...

those inspirations are fantastic! I really like this ! I hope you don't mind I print this <3