19 August 2013

The Loved Hannah

In the sea of hip kids we see around every day, there are not many of those who can actually surprise us pleasantly every time they do something new. Among the ladies we love to see around the internet is Hannah Metz, brilliantly creative mind that with her lifestyle recreates the sensuality of some bygone times. Hannah is also one-half of the duo behind vintage store and lingerie brand The Loved One.
The Loved One lingerie pieces created together by Hannah and Elvia Lahman are here to bring an air of lost indulgence into our modern lives, while their vintage stock has been a place for finding secret gems coming from beginning of the century and the mod era. The recent novelty from The Loved One is new in-house clothing line named Made by TLO and instead of old big cartel shop, label has launched online shop where they except of their own designs, still sell amazing vintage pieces and some independent labels. Actually, in the future TLO has a plan of surprising us with more pieces from independent designers which is always good news for misslikey. This latest photo shoot Hannah did for TLO came as an inspiration for these days when you can sense the different air that with blues announces that summer will slowly disappear and will guide us to autumnal days. Let's just hope that rain that comes to our paths would be tender and that winds would play carefully with our handsome frocks. The air might be cool in autumn days, but our hearts are always bright as a dainty summer day. 

Enjoy in the spread below.

Dresses are by Dear Creatures, shoes by Seychelles, tops, skirts and details by The Loved One.


Katie Frank said...

wow, she looks very very unique. i must check her blog <3 ! you write that post very beautiful way! so so magic <3


Sarah said...

I'm continuously in awe of Hannah and consider her one of my biggest aesthetic inspirations <3

Alice Saga said...

always such good features! & good writing Missy Likey:))xxx

Valerie EnrĂ­quez said...

So lovely to see Hannah on here! She is indeed a true beauty and the sweetest person too! I went to her Loved One campfire party last night and it was full of the most adorable things for us girls to drool over :o

Jess (freedom, books and flowers) said...

Just found your blog and I'm so glad I did! It's so aesthetically pleasing!


Louise said...

Oh man, I feel bad and a bit like I've been living under a rock that I didn't know about this girl. She is so stunning too! What a wonderful shoot, I definitely will be checking her shop out!