31 August 2013

photo journal...terraneo festival 2013

days of summer were different this time... really peculiar. i was saddened more than once. i detested possessions and human’s obsession with it more than ever. i felt determined, grown up and naively juvenile at the same time. 
my june and july wouldn't be survived if it wasn’t for one blonde boy. through our coffee times i laughed like foolish kid in luna park. we invented humor that was bitter and delightful, innocent and evil. my summer, summer spent working in mine is lost but it was too kind to give a friendship to cherish for the rest of my life. misslikey was forgotten. it was work, work and sleep with some gems of laugh and wisdom that I found in between. no spare time. no muse to take me to my cloud. lost identity, I guess. after all these years of living on blogger, i really started to believe i suffer from bipolar disorder. there is always this made-up misslikey who appears to be my fantasy second half (could be entitled ego also, I suppose). when I feel like a dreamer misslikey has a wisdom. when I feel like a phantom, misslikey flirts witty with life. 
when august came, came along the freedom as well. i would love that I am relaxed type of person, but I am not. moi wanted to be a mermaid and get lost somewhere where one can bathe among the stars. misslikey, au contraire, decided to throw us in the service of cheap liquor and summer playing. therefore, we visited terraneo festival one more time. misslikey is too fond of cool cool breeze, liquor and dirty knees. my photographer was on the mission just on the first day. the next two days liquor took away my common sense and I just couldn't mislay those poetry and Père Lachaise talks because of camera and pen. it was dirty knees, chewing gums on my lingerie and dresses made of gingham and beads. we don't have photos or words to describe that. and it's misslikey's fault, not mine.
♫ click more to see the photos from my day one at terraneo festival spent with dear people ♫

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Sarah said...

love this post. your writing is something special. <3 wonderful photographs too, beautiful girl! your hair is amazing with the black ribbons and you have the cutest smile. xo

Unknown said...

really incredible pics!!!!so intense!! great job

petal and plume said...

Have just fallen in love with your blog

Katie Frank said...

it seems like perfection <3


Abigail Mifsud said...

Love your photographs, adore your words. xx