04 September 2013


Dearest readers and fellow bloggers, 

I spent few last days rambling through various flatshare webites and contacting friends and friends of the friends via facebook trying to organize my living in London. I want to thank all the wonderful and friendly people helping with advices. I am flying to London by the end of this September. I will be there for at least two months to attend course at Central Saint Martins. 
Therefore I am looking for the room from beginning of October. If you know maybe someone who needs a roommate or you need a roommate, please let me know, via comments or my email (ninablace@gmail.com) 
I am friendly, responsible and easygoing fashion writer looking for a room in East London area in a flatshare or house with normal, cool roommates. My only needs are bed to sleep and meditate, wifi if possible and tiny desk for writing. I am going to be in London for at least two months, but who knows maybe I’ll stay longer. 
I hope London will be nice to me. I am leaving blank, without any expectations but with positive attitude. I have so many things to do before my trip but I am already too excited and nervous to be focused.

Yours truly, 
Nina xx

p.s. in this search of my place for living, usually I end up on websites offering flats at Notting Hill or  residential properties from heaven like these from estate agents scotland.
Oh, seems that we need to make some money :)


Abigail Mifsud said...

This is exciting :-D. I'm sending you this link just in case it helps you in some way. Scroll from page 10 and up. I hope you find something! x

Abigail Mifsud said...

Whoops I forgot to send it :) http://www.rightmove.co.uk/student-accommodation/East-London.html?sortType=8&index=108

misslikey said...

Thank you dear Abby. I will surely check it. Hope to see you in London

Katie Frank said...

That sounds exciting. I wish I could help you, but I'm not from England :( Good luck darling <3