05 September 2013

back to school dress

Now that leaves will soon begin to fall, in the upcoming days when our nudity will be covered with clothes, we are going to replace our canvas totes with leather satchels, light shoes with those made of heavier material and all those tiny high-waisted shorts with trousers. This transition from our ice-cream-looking clothes to those serious autumnal pieces can be horrible and frustrating sometimes. 
Girls that wear dresses eventually have to put on the trousers from time to time, but just for a while we are going to put all those plaid and denim trousers in delay. The reason for that is this check dress in popular Angel cut coming from lovely The Whitepepper, which is perfect for beginning of our school days. Wearing this preppy check-patterned fabric we will be taken seriously in a cool way, while smock shape and purple checks will work for our charm and loveliness.
At the end, after our serious hours, we all end up on Francoise Hardy and sweet delights. 

Button-Cuff Angel Dress Check, THE WHITEPEPPER, £55.00
Good advice: When ordering Angel dress, be careful with sizes. Last time I ordered Angel dress in M 
and it was too huge. For example, if you wear between S and M always order S.


Mumbles said...

Hi! nice blog ♥
I actually can't find the right time to wear long sleeve dresses, or short dresses without tights and something over it... That dress above is very beautiful :)

Katie Frank said...

I wish people were normal here where I live and I could wear such clothes to uni <3

Sarah said...

as perfect as this dress is, those shoes honestly make my heart flutter. <3