10 September 2013

from diary...pretty, people and pastries in Dubrovnik

I spent most of my August days in Dubrovnik. This is the city that won my heart with breathtaking architecture and unexpected adventures that appear around every corner. Like an old graceful lady it will keep one safe among the city walls while palaces and buildings will whisper the stories of the past. In this city you just can be either annoyed by colonies of tourists that believe they are in Game of Thrones set or you can stay speechless after observing all those wonderful architectural and botanical surprises (in this city plants and tress literally grow from nowhere) or being observed by hundreds of cats marching through the city like some old keepers of bygone times.
see in the thread below images that capture some of my lovely moments spent there

♡chic girl in the striped yellow top ♡Pupica Patisserie is best place for coffee and pastries, and prices are normal (the first photo in the post is also from there) ♡my chic gingham + satchel friend Luka. I met him in Dubrovnik and I enjoyed so much in his company
♡girl in cute printed dress and straw hat I saw on the streets of Dubrovnik ♡literature treasures in Sponza palace ♡i adore the inside of this building, yours truly captured admiring it.
♡roof garden in our building is nothing compared to sophisticated botanical gardens in Dubrovnik, but it was most dearest to me (on the other side were also lemon trees and herbs) ♡ my pink shade building obsession ♡ absolutely amazing baklava in fusion restaurant Azur
♡yours truly in the restaurant Klarisa, which is placed in atrium of the ancient monastery of St.Klara ♡ another one of Pupica Patisserie, what can I say, I was there most of the time ♡ another great, if not the best, place to eat is vege resturant Nishta

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