23 September 2013

Nadinoo's plays

Over the years, we have been testifying arise of the enormous number of handmade labels that were born in sleepless nights from one creative mind and sewing machine with the intention of creating proper garments that are ready to wear. There are really many of those who we unpretentiously admire, and the one that is at the top of my "women in making proper garments" admiration list is Nadia Izruna, brain and seamstress behind label Nadinoo. Her proper dresses wrap body in pretty silhouette and every collar, cuff or any ending always appears to be perfectly tidy and neat. Nadinoo had taken the short break lately because Nadia became a mother to cutest little girl named Lula and family together with sewing equipment is based in Cape Town these days. There, from its place under the sun, Nadinoo comes back again with a new playful collection named Play by numbers, inspired by a wet and miserable English summer and school girls who care about life that is full of fun. The fun is surely guaranteed when you are wrapped in a comfy Liberty Tana Lawn that Nadia has been working with the last couple of years. And we come to the conclusion that from all those that are playing the Liberty game, she is the one that does it excellent.

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"Nadinoo presents a collection unusually inspired by a wet and miserable English Summer. This forced us to make the best of our situation, finding alternative ways to keep ourselves entertained and stimulated while the rain poured down outside."
"We regressed to those early school days when picking up our paint brushes was without fear of the outcome, digging out our favorite board games to challenge our minds and learn once again how to have fun with simple play."

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