04 October 2013

Emily Winfield Martin illustrations

Emily Winfield Martin is amazingly talented illustrator and painter based in Portland, which really seems to be today’s mecca of prettiness full of creative folks that we thanks to this huge virtual world discover on daily base. Therefore, I was happy from the moment I discovered one of Emily Winfield’s illustrations that featured a girl wearing a striped top and Mary Janes and riding on carousel surrounded by ducks and other dear animals. From an early age Miss Winfield had a quite picturesque imagination therefore as a little girl she was spending every moment drawing, reading, dressing rabbits in fancy clothes, and having many peculiar daydreams.
Besides she is known worldwide and her works have been published in many magazines, she is the author and illustrator of an illustrated novel for children Oddfellow's Orphanage and a paper doll epic called The Black Apple's Paper Doll Primer. Her illustrations are like little secret doors to another vivid world where magical prettiness lives. And we adore secret worlds like this one of Miss Winfield. It’s good that she lends us a key for this door so we can enter into this imaginary and picturesque world.

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magical world of Emily Winfield 


Anonymous said...

Beautiful illustrations.

Sarah said...

these are so charming. <3 i can't wait to hear and see more about your time in london, my dear. xoxo

Katie Frank said...

I love her works. I remember when my mom showed me her illustrations first time <3 I had it like everywhere. On my phone, laptop <3 hehe