07 October 2013

the shop that rocks on Brick Lane

This Saturday yours truly went for East London exploring mission together with my new dear friend Linda, talented stylist and photographer that also writes amazing Alice in Wonderland blog. After Columbia Road where I almost fainted when I saw Ryantown, shop of my favorite collage artist Rob Ryan, the road and Linda took us to Brick Lane, the heaven of hip and vintage. On the first glance, as soon as I stepped into This Shop Rocks store I knew I would adore this place. Two floors of the shop are full of all kind of vintage things from home décor, toys, books and postcards to delicate clothing pieces. The friendly couple (maybe) that works there look like from some aged novel and place has such a nice unpretentious and serene aura. 
Linda bought herself vintage silky nightdress in pale pink trimmed with nice delicate lace and I fell for adorable cake tins that are all over the place but since I have one suitcase I don’t allow myself any décor till I find a permanent place. However, I’ll be visiting this place often! 

address: 131 Brick Lane E1 6SE 
mail: info@thisshoprocks 

so many pretty dolls and quirky porcelain in this place
this shop rocks is full of all sorts of tins


Sarah said...

one of my favorite shops in the world! glad to hear you are loving london town. xoxo

Filipa said...

Hi Nina,

Just came across your advert looking for a room while I was searching on Google about the short course at CSM - Art Direction for Fashion. I'm planning to take the same course in January or February, and it would be great to have some feedback from who's attending it already. Just found it familiar, your willing and struggle [hope not] finding a room. I lived 1 month in London, and I went through the same thing, it's not easy!

Hope you'll find a place of your own quickly, and wish you all the best.

Keep updating your blog about the course, can't wait to know about it :)

little henry lee said...

such a beautiful looking shop! last time i was in london (several years ago now) i had a look around brick lane and went to some markets there and it was such a nice area! definitely somewhere i'd like to go back to again.

little henry lee

Barbara said...

That shop looks really interesting. London has so many quirky places to shop!